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The autopatch features on the SHARC-1 Repeater are completely controlled by a Commodore 64 computer. The Commodore 64 is a power little computer that will out perform any commercial repeater controller out there on the market. Limitations of commercial controllers include: limited memory, limited input/output ports, and a limited macro set for generating unique commands. One of the biggest disadvantages of using a commercial controller is that if it should break, you're at the mercy of it's manufacturer, while it's sitting on a technician's bench. It's probably cheaper to buy a new one than having it repaired. Commodore 64's are great because they're inexpensive (going for $25 and under at hamfests), easy to program, and it's uses are only limited by your imagination. Since it's introduction to the market in 1981, the Commodore 64 is still a very popular computer, and will be around and supported for years to come. C64 Screen

There are (4) modes of autopatch capabilities on the SHARC-1 Repeater:

Mode #1 - Basic Access
Basic Access is offered to those that want autopatch capability but are generally interested in placing phone calls within the general area that they reside or work. Basic Access provides over 27 toll free exchanges surrounding the 221 calling area. Basic users are provided with an autopatch access code that prohibits the use of placing calls outside the specified calling area (toll restrictor). Basic users enter in the desired telephone number which in turn is processed and redialed by the controller. Basic users are also offered the choice of selecting a personal access code (speed dial) that can be used to auto-dial a number of their choice.

Basic Access calls are restricted to 3 minutes in length. If the conversation continues past this point, the controller will terminate the call (timeout), and reset the system.

Mode #2 - Control Operator Access
Control Operator Access is similar to Basic Access with only a few minor differences. The Control Operator uses a different access code that simply puts the autopatch online and bypasses the toll restrictor. The Control Operator dials the number direct, rather than having the controller dial the number for them. There are no time limit restrictions in this mode. Like Basic Access, Control Operators may also choose a personal speed dial number.

Mode #3 - Reverse Access
Reverse access is a feature that allows an amateur operator to call the repeater by phone, enter in a access code and converse with the operator(s) on the repeater. This feature can also be used by a control operator to gain remote access to the repeater and overide the system.

Mode #4 - Emergency Autopatch
Emergency autopatch is open to all Amateur operators regardless whether they are a autopatch member or not. There are (13) active pre-assigned codes that provide access to one of thirteen emergency services. This is a service that we are proud to provide to the Amateur Radio community, 24 hours a day, 365 days year round.

Commodore 64C

Commodore Autopatch Controller

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