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Here's some feedback from some of our SHARCNET-USA customers. All brand & model names in our customer feedback have been replaced with either the words [factory brand] or [GPS]. All remaining comments are original and unchanged.

Please allow us the opportunity to solve your GPS issues and join our family of satisfied customers!

————————————— In-House Customer Repair Feedback ——————————————

Birahadish in Woodland Hills, CA - "Hi - I have received the pkg on time few days back. It's been working great since then. Everything seems to be great. I have clipped the charger wire as you said. Thanks for all the work. Highly appreciate it. It was a pleasant experience working with you. Please keep us the good job. It's very rare to find service people like you guys in a affordable price range. Thanks Birahadish"

Brian in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - "Hello James and Danielle, Just a quick note to let you know that my Nuvi has arrived and everything is working perfectly. Thanks for your service and I was so happy you could make the necessary repairs at a reasonable price. Best, Brian"

Steve in White Plains, NY - "I received my repaired GPS today. Everything from beginning to end---instructions, communications, shipping, and the repair itself---were timely, professional and well done. Thank you for your superb service. Steve"

Mario in Quebec, Canada - "I had received my Garmin GPS last week and everything is fine, working like a new one. Thanks for your good work and also for giving me status on repair and shipping 100% satisfied with your service I think it is better to make your things repaired when it is possible instead of throwing it in the garbage. Better for the planet... Have a good day and thanks again"

Jered in Hamilton, Montana - "Thank you so much for your (and other employee's) professionalism. Not ever hearing of SHARCNET, I took a chance with my GPS not knowing what the outcome would be. However, your company far exceeded my expectations by repairing my GPS that I did not know would ever work again. As a law enforcement officer I use my GPS on a daily basis, and I am happy to say that my GPS now works excellent. I am very pleased with the services you professionals provide. Excellent customer service with a quick turn around. Please extend my gratitude. Thanks again, Jered"

John in Brussels, Belgium - "Hi Jim, Just to let you know that my GPS arrived today in excellent condition: it's as good as new. Congratulations on the splendid job you did on it. Congratulations on packing it so well: it was extremely well protected. Best regards, John"

Norm in W Boothbay Harbor, ME - "Here's some feedback: TOTAL SATISFACTION with every part of the repair transaction from initial correspondence, communication regarding the work to be done, packing, shipping - and appearance and operation of the repaired unit. Thanks. Norm"

Keith in Georgetown, TX - "Jim Just a note to let you know how happy I am to get my Garman 670 back in fine working order. I bought a Garman 3490 when Garman told they could not fix the 670. The new 3490 was ok but I missed the 670 with the life time US and Europe maps. Hoping to get at least another 5 years from the 670. Pleased with the repair, Keith"

Ed in Garland, Tx - "Dropping a line if I'm satisfied with your service doesn't seem like enough! I looked at the "Customer Feedback" page and feel as if my "feedback" is just a needle in a big haystack - but really, the service, the repair, the obvious workmanship, the communication and the care in shipping my newly and perfectly repaired Garmin are OFF THE CHAIN! Simply the best darn "repair" experience I've ever had for anything anywhere, if I ever need or anyone I know ever needs a GPS fixed, you'll get the business hands down!"

James in New Bern, NC - "Danielle, I received the GPS on Thursday, April 11, 2013, and tested it on a short trip the next day. It works like new! Thanks for your professional service!!! I posted the following updated review on Amazon.com this afternoon:

Entire Amazon review can be found here: [ Amazon Review #1 ]

"UPDATE (13 April 2013): I was prepared to send this GPS to recycle, since Garmin no longer supports it. Fortunately I learned about SHARCNET-USA before I took it to the electronic recycle center. SHARCNET-USA is a small company that repairs out-of-warranty GPS units. I checked out this company as best as I could, and it appeared to have a good reputation. I contacted the company through its web site and decided to send my Garmin Nuvi 660 in for repair. I was somewhat apprehensive thinking I might just be wasting my money. I was wrong! In every respect this company was professional and totally clear about the specifics of the repair and the cost. I opted for several extra repairs beyond the touch screen to include a new power button and a new battery. SHARCNET took just a few days to repair my GPS and contacted me when it was ready to return. The return packaging was as good as it gets, and for less than half the cost of a new GPS I now have one that is as good as new. I've used the unit several times since it was repaired, and it works perfectly. I have no reason to doubt that it won't give me years of additional service. I highly recommend SHARCNET-USA for any GPS needing repair that is out-of-warranty. Caution, however, if you've opened your GPS or tried to repair it yourself it is unlikely that SHARCNET will accept it for repair."

Customer also commented about us in another Amazon GPS review: [ Amazon Review #2 ]

NOTE: I purchased the Nuvi 52LM to replace a Nuvi 660 after the touchscreen stopped working. I was ready to take the Nuvi 660 to electronic recycle when I learned about SHARCNET-USA, a small company that repairs out-of-warranty GPS units. They repaired my Nuvi 660, which Garmin no longer supports, at a very reasonable price. It is back in operation, and I expect it to give me many more years of useful service. I enthusiastically recommend SHARCNET-USA."

Ben in Manitoba, Canada - "I received the repaired unit in the mail a few days ago, the mark of a successful repair is that there is no evidence that there ever was an issue in the first place. That is exactly what you and your staff delivered - thank you very very much. I will recommend your services to anyone who asks."

Byoung in La Canada, CA - "Jim, thank you for a speedy repair at a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Sharcnet to friends who are in need of GPS repair, for your communication, service, and professionalism. sincerely, Byoung"

Herman in Freeville, NY - "My repaired unit arrived in the mail today. I am very pleased and if anyone I know needs GPS service I will steer them your way. Many thanks, Herman"

Elizabeth in Ann Arbor, MI - "Hi Jim, I just wanted you to know that my Garmin Nuvi 660 arrived back this afternoon and is working like a champ. The touchscreen responds perfectly (the initial issue) and I was able to reactivate the device for my beloved audio books and they are back up and running. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you so much for your extensive efforts to ensure the device would function perfectly by going way above and beyond the simple fix both of us anticipated. I was amazed and impressed with your commitment to excellence and will definitely recommend your service to everyone I know (actually, already have!). Thank you VERY much."

Bruce in Pensacola, FL - "Hi SHARCNET, I've used & tested my GPS and I find it works better than ever. Your company is impressive, exacting and very professional. From the first e-mail from Jim I knew I was in good hands.I will highly recommend you. Thanks, Bruce."

Richard in Driftwood, TX - "Jim, I've used the repaired GPS on 2 different trips and it is working great. The audio is working as it should now. Thank you so much for providing this repair service. I would not have gotten the unit repaired through Garmin as they are too expensive. Thanks, Richard"

Jose in Boca Raton, FL - "Dear Jim I received my repaired unit today. I walked it outside and it connected to the satellite. I appreciate your service and help very much. Great job and customer service! Regards, Jose"

Ron and Bev in Columbia, SC - "Dear Jim, Our Garmin arrived with this morning's mail. Thank you so much for helping us with our problems. I reset it for our home location and it works perfectly. We are a retired couple, who likes to take annual vacations by just pointing the car to a desired destination and by using back roads both within the US and Europe. This Garmin has guided us to some of the most beautiful out of the way places and we would hate to part with it. This has been a true pleasure to work with you. I felt confident from the very beginning that you would expeditiously fix our travel partner. Sincerely, Ron and Bev"

Bill in Traverse City, MI - "Jim, All is well and the unit works great! Job well done! I wish more businesses performed this well and were as easy to do business with. Thanks again for your assistance. Bill"

Barry in San Jose, CA - "Hi Jim- Unit received in excellent condition and all works great! On-off switch feels like new again. Bluetooth works perfectly--I think that this was a factory replacement unit for my original 360, which had the maddening "unable to acquire satellites without external antenna" bug. They finally offered me a replacement and I took it. I think I learned about that problem from you (!) on the gpspassion.com forums right after I bought the first nuvi! Thanks for all your help and your excellent service. Barry"

Darrell in Tuttle, OK - "Jim, I received my repaired Nuvi 660 GPS today. I have powered it up and allowed it to achieve the satellite lock. It went perfectly! It locked on very quickly and showed good accuracy and five sattelite locks in less than a minute. I will test it out with a short trip in the next day or so but I do not expect any problems. Thank you for your prompt and high quality service. Your workmanship is excellent, the unit shows no evidence of having ever been worked on except for your seal and the fact that it works again. Great job!!! Your service and workmanship are greatly appreciated and I will highly recommend you to anyone needing GPS repair. Thanks again, you guys ROCK!!! Darrell"

Dan in Hillsborough, NJ - "Hi Jim, Received my GPS back today and pleased to say that it works great! Thanks for the excellent service and very reasonable cost. Much appreciated! Best regards, Dan"

Jeremy in Caledonia, Michigan MI - "About a year and a half ago, the touchscreen failed on my Nuvi 660. I researched many place and options and discovered SHARCNET-USA. I then ho-hummed about getting it repaired. I looked at many new units, but didn't really want to pay the high price tag. It then sat in a drawer for a long time until recently, I decided to go ahead and get it fixed. I dug up the bookmark of SHARCNET-USA again and it said repairs were full. I was bummed. I had a long road trip coming up and wanted a GPS unit, but couldn't get it in in time. I checked the web site daily for a while, then weekly, then kind of now and then. Started looking back at newer units, but still didn't want to pony up the $$. Then one day I checked and SHARCNET-USA was accepting new repairs! I filled out the form immediately, selected my options and clicked send me a quote. Within a day or so, I had a quote. Packaged up my unit and sent it in for repair. Within a weeks time, I got an email stating it was repaired and on its way to me. I tracked it and knew when it was coming, but unfortunately I was not at home to sign for it. Had to go to the post office the next day after work and sign for it. I was so excited I opened the box in the car and docked the GPS on its cradle. The unit fired up, locked on satellites very quickly and took it on the road on the way home. Everything worked just like it used to. I am glad to have the unit back, and I now have a new Garmin dash mount instead of the windshield mount. I like that there was a business card in the front pocket of the case that I sent it in with, now if someone asks about it, I can show them the card for instant info. I would highly recommend your service to anyone in need of out of warranty GPS repair. I feel the pricing was great, the repair time met my expectations and had great communication through the whole process. Thank you again!"

Mike in Charleston, IL - "Thank you for your prompt replies to all of our inquiries. The GPS arrived and works great. I appreciate your honesty in telling me that there was nothing wrong with the touch screen...it was just unplugged, and providing a refund for part of the repair cost. I'm not sure how to leave feedback on your website, but I would highly recommend your services. Thank you, Mike \"

Allan in Bedford, MA - "I have received the unit and tried it out and it works well. Thank you for offering this service and doing the website with the detailed info that brought me to you. It is nice to see a website and service with good information and high value without the baseless hype."

David in Ocala, FL - "Jim, Received unit today. Works great. Nice job with everything you did, including shipping and communicating with me. Nice to know you're out there. I almost threw the thing away out of frustration with post-warranty failures. Thanks again, David"

David in Medford, OR - "Thanks, Jim. I ran across a forum post somewhere mentioning your service when I was looking for a solution to a Garmin Nuvi issue I was having. I was glad to see that you knew of the problem, and knew how to fix it. So, I tried your service...and loved it! Got the Nuvi back with a new battery, and new touch screen...and couldn't be happier! Seems to work better than when it was new, if that's possible. Keep up the good work. Those of us who refuse to join the "throw-away society" really appreciate your expertise. Best regards, George"

Lewis in Winchester, VA - "Received my nuvi 650 this past Friday. I have used it twice on two fairly simple long trips. All appears good. Thanks for this service and for the quick repair. Louis"

George in Edmond, OK - "Good Morning: Yesterday afternoon, I received my unit and checked it out. Everything works and looks perfect. Thank you for your expeditious handling and professionalism. You have my strongest endorsement, George"

James in Powell, OH - ""Danielle, I received the repaired GPS yesterday PM. Thank you, so much for your repair. You and your team did everything you said you would do including holding the return shipment until last Friday 03/29/2013. The GPS operates just like new, actually even better with the new battery and Off/On switch. The firmware, maps and even the password are all intact and up to date. My son is very pleased that it's back working again and promises not to leave it in the car when not in use. I will spread the word with my friends who have GPS's about your services. Thank you again. Warmest regards, Jim..."

Frank in Orwigsburg, PA - "Hi Jim, Thank You so much for repairing my GPS. The unit arrived back at my home today, and everything performs perfect. The repair cost was very reasonable, and the turn around time was brief. I feel very confident recommending you to my friends. Warm Regards, Frank"

Jeff in Cherry Hill, NJ - "Hello Jim, The unit arrived yesterday -- thanks so much for a smooth transaction and for your responsiveness. I won't hesitate to recommend your service. In fact, a family member with a similar problem has been waiting to hear about my experience, so you may be hearing from him. Best, Jeff"

Rick in Hamilton, NJ - "Hi, I finally had a chance to use my repaired GPS and wanted you to know how happy I am to have it back and functioning so well. I really appreciate the care and craftsmanship you put into it, even gong so far as to make it better than it was. I have been using it in on of those beanbag type dash mounts so that we can put it in any car, but have always unplugged it completely and put the unit in a case for protection. I think from now on we will keep it plugged in and keep the entire unit under protection in a small padded bag. I will also try to secure the power cord to the unit so it can't move. Thanks to you for those tips! Thanks again for your help, I will spread the word when I find someone who needs repairs like I did. Rick"

Wayne in Stevensville, MT - "Hi Jim, I received my repaired Garmin 650 It works great. You do very nice work......Thanks for the fine service. I will be happy to recommend you to others. Good luck with your future business. Wayne."

Darren in New York, NY - "Received and in fantastic condition! Thanks for repairing this! Darren"

Leland in Brighton MA - "Jim, You guys rock. I love your repairs to our GPS unit - works like a champ. Many thanks! Cheers, Leland"

Donna in Tucson AZ - (Repeat cCustomer)"Hi Jim & all, Thank you for your prompt repair and shipping -- again! All works well. My husband checked it out thoroughly and updated the maps. Just for your own feedback and testimonial: We are dissatisfied with the new GPS units on the market that apparently include advertising, which we gear away from whenever possible. We are so pleased, therefore, to have a company like SHARCNET-USA to turn to when our dear "Nuvia" gets an owie! So far, you have successfully fixed her broken button and her cracked screen. We thank you! Donna"

Maurie in Folly Beach, SC - "Hi James and Team - thank you for the repair on that GPS Garmin 650. Your service was prompt and diagnosis of the problem totally accurate. We are so glad to have our Garmin 650 back and working well. We will try to take better care of our Garmin 660 - but it actually is about 6 months older than the 650. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone who asks us about Garmin GPS repair. Thanks again! Maurie"

Dennis in Downingtown, PA - "I sent my broken Nuvi 660 to Sharcnet-USA for touchscreen replacement due to a manufacturing defect. Not only did Jim, Danielle and Kevin replace my units touchscreen but they modified my on/off button with a reinforcement, replaced the battery with a higher mAh battery and did all this door to door in less than 10 days including a weekend and holiday.

Their communication throughout the process was marvelous and the repair cost was very reasonable. (<$60)
After waiting 45 minutes on the phone with them Garmin said they would not even look at my unit saying it was out of warranty and they no longer repair them. They offered a $70 discount on a new unit none of which seem to match the quality of my 660 the benefits of which are detailed on Sharcnets web site.

I could not be more pleased and highly recommend Jim and his Sharcnet team for any repair of a GPS unit. It was like having an old friend come home. Out of 5 stars I rate them a solid 10. Thank you Sharcnet-USA for a job extremely well done.

Robert in Hunting Beach, CA - "Jim, Thank you for performing repairs on both of my Nuvi 660's. I really like these units and am so pleased that you were able to bring them up to speed. You even fixed some things that I did not know were amiss. Also, the cost for these repairs was more than fair. Also, thanks for your great communications (before and after) concerning these repairs.

When I initially requested a quote from you on the issues with the first 660, you went out of your way to provide me with remedies that I could try/accomplish on my own without having to ship the Nuvi to you. Obviously, had these user repairs succeeded, you would have not made a dime on the transaction. You don't see this kind of service much anymore. I am old enough to remember a time when people (such as yourself), actually repaired items. These days, sadly, most repair services are nothing more than "parts changers."

Example: Garmin's solution to the problem with the first Nuvi was to send it to them and they would give me $70.00 off on a new unit. Gee thanks, seventy dollars off on a new GPS that is being offered at full retail. Ah, no thanks. I could get a better deal at a local retailer without Garnin's seventy dollars.

I tell all of my friends about your terrific service and await the day that they need GPS repair, contact you, and then tell me..... "Thanks for telling me about Jim at SHARCNET-USA."

Spread the word.... SHARCNET-USA!

Best regards, Robert.

Anthony in Rancho Cordova, CA - "Jim, just wanted to send you an update. I finally had a chance to use my Garmin Nuvi 650 on an extended trip from Rancho Cordova, to Monterey, CA and I want to tell you that the my Garmin performed just like new. Satellite acquisition was quick, route selection was great. I want to thank you again for the excellent service, communication, prompt repair and shipping. Your work is highly recommended and less expensive than a new GPS unit. Anthony. A very satisfied customer from California."

Tom in Peachtree City, GA - "Just wanted to say that GPS arrived today in perfect order. Thanks!! Tom."

Len in Lisle, IL - "Jim, All repairs worked great and the unit feels like new! Glad I was able to find you and SHARCNET-USA for the repairs on my Garmin Nuvi 660. I now have a 'like new' unit which will last for years. I feel like I can now get the value out of my Lifetime Maps purchase with this unit. My best wishes and success to you and your company. Len."

Bill in Jacksonville, OR - "Hi Jim just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the prompt service and the repair on my GPS . Your honesty and quick return is appreciated. Thank you, I will recommend your company to anyone who asks me about their GPS repair. Bil.l "

Mike in Palm Coast, FL - "Jim, I received it today. What a great job you did and very fast. I will keep you business card and HIGHLY recommend your very quick/reasonable and quality services. Spending money in the USA, with our fellow Americans! Thanks again, Mike."

Doug in Piscataway, NJ - "Jim, I wanted to say thanks for the great work done on my Garmin Nuvi 680. The unit has been functioning perfectly. Nice job on the screen replacement. Even though new units are so in-expensive, I was really glad that a modestly priced repair option existed, as there was no reason to replace the whole unit. Thank you again. Best Regards, Doug."

William in Boulder, CO - "Hi Jim: Just want you to let me know that the GPS works fine.... The only problem is the maps are not the most accurate but that is the map company defective product. Otherwise, all is well. Thanks for your efficient communication and the professional way in which you handled the repair of our GPS. Regards, William."

Kelly in Williamsburg, MI - "So glad to have my Garmin back, and working. I'm so glad I found you. Thanks! Kelly."

Tony in Melbourne, FL - "Working fine - even acquired GPS satellites in the house. Best regards, Tony."

Ray in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada - "i Jim, I got the GPS 3 days after you mailed it, checked it out, and used it on a short trip. Everything on it works great. It's like brand new. I really appreciate your knowledgeable, quick, and very professional service. I will recommend you to all my friends. And thanks for reinforcing the on/off switch - you are a pleasure to deal with and your service is excellent. Take care and have a great day Ray (and Brenda)."

Julius in West Chicago, IL - "Jim, Thank you very much for the excellent service. The GPS works great now. It's better than new, with the power switch reinforcement, the added static protection, upgraded battery, and updated software. I can highly recommend your work to family, friends and co-workers.Thank you again, Julius."

Schuyler in McKinney, TX - "Hi Jim, I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the repair to my GPS. Everything works great, and I appreciate your resolving the mapping issue. I was considering just getting a new unit for about 2X the repair cost, but the ability to keep the special features I had purchased on the 670 (MP3 player and Europe maps) made me want to try the repair before replacing the unit. I'm so glad I went with that option. This was the best Christmas gift I got this year. Best Regards, Schuyler."

Greg in Ephrata, PA - "Jim i want to thank you for a very fast & quality repair. The gps works like new. Thank you. Greg."

Chris in Hollis, NJ - "Dear Jim, The GPS appears to work fine. My parents are testing it further. Good work -- the entire process was a pleasure!"

Will in Hoboken, NJ - "Thank you for your excellent service. I am happy to be a reference. /Will."

John in Talladega, AL - "Hi Jim, My GPS arrived Saturday by USPS. After turning it on, it acquired satellite reception quickly without difficulty. I used the GPS Sunday and today and it works great. I really appreciate your repairing this for me so I could avoid purchasing another one, particularly since I had already purchased the lifetime map update. This was a money saver for me. Thanks so much. Best regards, John."

George in Neptune, NJ - "Hello Jim, This is to confirm that the postman attempted delivery Friday 1/13 but no one was present to sign for it. I picked it up today Saturday 1/14 at the PO and later tested it and the satellite acquisition went fine and "Jill" is in better voice than ever thanks to the new speaker. I also appreciate the explanations and getting to see what the speaker looks like (I was surprised at it being larger than thought) and seeing the battery date and lower Ah rating. I am a very satisfied customer and will be glad to vouch for and recommend your services to others. Thanks and have a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year, George Deane."

Boma in Jacksonville, FL - "Good Afternoon Jim, I received the GPS today, I'd like to say a heartfelt thank you for making it like new again. Thank You!! Boma."

Bob in Boxborough, MA - "Jim, I`m pretty sure my GPS has never worked as well as it does now. In addition to the things you say you fixed (the power button, touch screen, LCD display, and battery), I believe the antenna also works better. That is, the GPS determines its location almost instantly, where before it would take several minutes. I still haven´t had a chance to use the GPS for any good reason, like a long trip or to go somewhere I´ve never been before, but I am certainly satisfied with your service. Thanks, Bob."

Jack in Littleton, CO - "I just received my GPS today. I started it up and it seems to work just fine; quickly acquired the satellites and found a gas station nearby. I haven't taken it on the road yet, but it appears to be working properly. Thanks for your speedy service. It would be nice if Garmin was aware of your service and able to send you referrals since they are no longer repairing these units. Jack."

Rod in Albuquerque, NM - "Jim Received the unit yesterday and tried it out last night and today. Everything works fine. Very pleased with your service and will definitely recommend you to any friends who are having issues with their units. Thanks, Rod."

Frank in Orwigsburg, PA - "Hi Jim, Thank You so much for repairing my GPS. The unit arrived back at my home today, and everything performs perfect. The repair cost was very reasonable, and the turn around time was brief. I feel very confident recommending you to my friends. Warm Regards, Frank."

Harold in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada - "Hi Jim Thank you so much for repairing my GPS. I received it a few days ago and it is working well.When I turn it on it announces a street name in the States but later shows my current position I am very happy that I did not have to junk my GPS You did a great job for a reasonable price. Thanks, Harold."

Jan in Lewiston, ID - "We just received the Garmin back from being fixed, My husband will arrive from Ak on the 30th and can check it out to see if everything is working right. Thank you so much for your time and help in resolving the problems my In-laws were having with this gift we had bought for them. If we would of know the issues with the touch screens we would have never gotten this model. Thanks again for all your time. Jan."

Dale in Gilbert, AZ - "Looks wonderful! Works great! You took this from the trash heap and turned into a working machine again. Thank you so much. Dale."

Greg in Portland, OR - "James, Wanted to let you know that the 350 is working - like new. Appreciate your efforts. Thank you, Greg."

Enrique in West Hempstead, NY - "I want to thank you so much for fitting my GPS repair into your so busy schedule. I used it today for the first time and it works great. Well worth the money. I will sing your praises to others. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thank You, Enrique."

Zig in Paoli, PA - "Jim: I received my Garmin on Monday. I upgraded the maps and then went in my car to try it out. It works perfectly now! Thank-you very much for repairing my Garmin GPS and giving it a new lease on life. And at a very reasonable price as well! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. Zig."

Dennis in Marcy, NY - "Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know that I've had my repaired Garmin Nuvi 670 for about two weeks now. It works great just like it did before the touch screen failed. All functions work as they should. Thanks again for the prompt service and email responses. It took me a while to get through on your web site, but it was worth the wait. Dennis."

Ray in San Carlos, CA - "Hi Jim I received my GPS back today in great shape. Thank you for your professionalism and for doing such a great job. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes, Ray."

Charles in Henderson, KY - "You guys do GREAT WORK! I just want to drop you guys a few lines to say my GPS is working better than ever! I sent the unit in for repair and it was returned with in a few days, I'am very impressed with the speed and professionalism of the service you provide! Thanks, Charles."

Greg in Surfside, CA - "Hi Jim, Just a quick note to say thank you for doing such a great job repairing my gps. Got it back yesterday and had occasion to use it last night. Very happy!!! Cheers, Greg."

Gregg in Madison, WI - "Thanks Jim. I received the GPS and everything seems to be working normally. Gregg."

Ty in Downers Grove, IL - "Looks great on initial use Jim. There was a bit of a mix up at the Post Office, but I just picked it up today. Screen and unit overall seem very responsive! Hope to use it on the road here soon."

Robert in London, KY - "Jim, Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the fast repair and return of my gps. Everything works like new. Thanks again, Robert."

Sal in Baldwin, NY - "Hi Jim, Just received back my GBS, great job on the on/off switch. Thank you for all your help. Sal."

Shilpa in La Mesa, CA - "Hello Jim, Thank you very much for fixing my GPS navigation system. I greatly appreciate your help. It works great!!! -Shilpa."

Sam in Dubois, PA - "Received my GPS back today and everything works great. Thanks for the great fast service you provided. Sam."

Pushkar in Medford, OR - "Hi Jim, It has been a month now since you repaired my GPS by installing a new LCD touchscreen, installing a new battery and modifying the on-off switch. I wanted to thank you for the excellent, professional and timely job you did. The Garmin 670, which I own, has been performing excellently for the last month and it is a great relief to have a reliable touchscreen with a longer lasting battery. You have been of immense help and therefore please feel free to use this email as a recommendation on your website, if you feel fit to do so. Regards, Pushkar."

David in Riverside, CA - "Just got the unit in the mail. Everything works fine as far as I can tell. I will road test it soon. Thanks for a great job and quick turn around!!"

Jim in Waltham, MA - "It works great! Battery life is much improved. I couldn't be happier. You can't make me deposit the $5 refund check you sent me. You may as well void it (#533) because it's going into my shredder. Thanks!"

Paul in Huntsville, AL - "Jim, GPS was picked up at the post office today. Thank you for the short turnaround. I tested the Garmin in the driveway after work and I couldn't be happier. I'm glad I did my research and found your website instead of purchasing a replacement GPS. Take care. Respectfully, Paul."

Richard in Half Moon Bay, CA - "Hi Jim, I just wanted to let you know that I received the unit yesterday, and it works great. Thank you for your excellent work. I especially appreciate your emails and phone calls keeping me informed during the process. You did what you said you would do, and the the price you quoted. I'll certainly recommend you if I have the opportunity. Best regards, Richard."

Paul in Maryland, NY - "James, I received my Garmin Nuvi 680 GPS back from you last week. It is working like new. I sincerely appreciate your old fashioned business approach of communication, timeliness, courtesy, and reasonable cost to repair. Your communication on the status and information regarding my unit was greatly appreciated. Having my unit repaired rather than discarding it and purchasing new was wonderful. The new units do not do things that mine does without spending hundreds of dollars. I know that you are busy, but if GPS issues come up in conversations with others I will definitely be recommending and telling them about you. Thank you very much, Paul."

Charles in Medway, MA - "Jim, I wanted to thank you for the incredibly fast turn-around on our Garmin repair. My wife's the primary user. She uses it a lot in Boston, where she works, and is very grateful. My sons (18/20) were also excited to have it working again. Good service, very fair price... Thank you. --Charlie."

Mike in Ann Arbor, MI - "Hi Jim, I received my repaired GPS on Saturday and activated it and all worked very well. Speaker works great now. I cannot even tell that it was serviced. You know your way around these units that is for sure. Thanks for the quick and professional service. I will recommend you to others if the opportunity arises. Regards...... Mike."

Larry in Wake Forest, NC - "Jim, I receive my GPS today and I want to thank you so much for fixing it, it works just like new. Larry."

Ron in Bella Vista, AR - "Jim, I just got around to putting the repaired Garmin NUVI 660 back in the car, and we used it on a 500 mile trip this weekend. Everything worked great, just as promised, and like it originally performed. It was nice to have the Garmin back in service--and with a fresh battery--as we had been unhappy with a relatively new TomTom replacement (from Craigslist :-) . Thanks for performing the service, and delivering everything in a manner in which you managed to exceed expectations. No wonder you seem to have more work than you can comfortably handle! It's refreshing to run across good ole-fashioned customer service.

If you ever need to use these comments, or want me to write another recommendation for you, let me know. Unfortunately, that might just get you more new biz than you need :-)

Have a nice weekend / thanks again, Ron.

Steve in Medfield, MA - "Jim, Got the package and GPS seems to be working just fine. Thanks. Steve."

Brad in Glendale, AZ - "Thanks Jim for your service. Everything seems to be working as it should. You did an excellent job of keeping us informed through each step of the process. We should now be able to get our money's worth out of the lifetime maps subscription! Brad."

Claire & Leonard in Nashua, NH - "Dear Jim, Thank for your excellent customer service and timely repair turn-around for our device. When my husband first showed me what happened to his Garmin, I immediately ordered a new one for him. He is a field service technician for medical equipment, and spends a lot of time driving from site to site. His coverage area includes facilities in three states, so you can imagine how important his GPS device is to him. Considering the broken unit was only a few months old, I hated the thought of just throwing it away. I did some research, online, and came across your website.The most frustrating part, of having our Garmin repaired, was waiting to catch an opening to submit a request, for the quote to repair. Our unit is like brand new, and the earlier "frustration" is well worth the wait. Upon receiving the unit from you, it did not take long to orient itself to our location. I now have a "brand new" GPS. We will/would wholeheartedly recommend you and your business. You have been a pleasure to deal with. Your technical expertise speaks for itself. Thank you, Claire & Len."

Wilmer in Clive, IA - "Hello, Just a note to let you know I received my Garmin 350 GPS and it works great. Thank you for the prompt and quality repair. It acquired Satelites within seconds which was faster than when it was new. We now have a good reliable unit for traveling. Thanks again, Wilmer."

Petsy in Buffalo, NY - "Hi, I received the gps. It's working fine! Thank u!"

Ron in Keithville, LA - "Received unit in excellent shape. Excellent job!!"

Bill in Rockport, ME - "Received unit back today. Unit is working well. Thanks you for your assistance and quick service. Best of luck with your business. Sincerely Bill."

Ed in Berlin, MD - "Received the unit last Friday. Did not take too long to acquire satellites once powered up. Appears to work very well. Thanks again for the repair. FYI, found your web site via Google while searching for "lost satellite signal". Would recommend you to anyone who has GPS problems. Ed."

Morris in Union City, GA - "Just a note to let you know I received my GPS on Saturday in excellent working order. I can't begin to express my appreciation for the quick response, the desire to make sure I understood what was wrong, and the great instruction on how to care for the unit in the future. I shall follow your instructions to the letter! I also would like to thank you for the updating. Your pricing, service and desire to do the best job possible is a rare thing in our world today and I can not say enough. Have anyone call me about your work anytime. May God's richest blessings be upon you. Morris."

Carol in Saint James, NY - "Hi Jim, I wanted to let you know that I received my GPS this morning and it is working perfectly. I am happy that you were able to repair it and spare me the expense of having to buy a new one. I will be sure not to keep it in the car anymore, as I believe this is what caused it to malfunction in the first place. Thanks so much! Regards, Carol."

John in Statesville, NC - "Jim, Thank you for doing such a great job at a reasonable price! Garmin wanted me to pay $89.00 then send them my GPS and they would have replaced it with another one (probably a different model). They also said I'd have to re-purchase the lifetime updates because it's a different serial number. I will definitely recommend you to others who are in need of the same or similar repairs. I'm a very satisfied customer. Sincerely, John."

Igor in Vernon Hills, IL - "Hi Jim,I want to thank you for bringing my GPS back to life. It works great. Great job! Just make more happy customers as myself. Good luck! Igor."

Gary in College Station, TX - "Jim, It has been 3 weeks since we received our 660 and we have had ample opportunity to try it out. You replaced the internal antenna, the battery, the on/off switch and the speaker. Everything is working just fine. Since we have lifetime maps for this unit, we are very happy to have our 660 working again. Dave from Pittsburgh expressed my feelings perfectly, so keep up the good work. If anyone I know needs repair work done on their GPS, I'll be sure to send them to you."

Jeff in Pueblo, CO - "Hi Jim - today in our mailbox we found the repaired Garmin Nuvi 650 GPS unit, and I was able to try it out rightaway in our part of southern Colorado. After it found our location and I reset the time zone, all appeared well and our guiding light in difficult driving conditions is once more at work. I hope it will continue to operate well. We appreciate the quick repair and this made much more sense than having to replace the unit which we could not afford anyway. Thanks for a job well done, and keep up the good work!"

David in Frankfort, KY - "Jim, the unit works great, better than new with the bigger battery. Averaged about 11 to 14 feet accuracy rolling down the road. Thanks for providing such excellent service and for helping me extend the life of my gps that the big G would not repair. Thanks again!"

Steve in Costa Mesa, CA - "Hello Jim-- I received my unit and tried it out, and everything works great! Thank you very much for doing such a nice job repairing my unit. I particularly appreciated receiving the regular updates throughout the process; it was wonderful to know where we were throughout the process. Based on the reviews and comments that I had read earlier, I had high expectations for this process, and you far exceeded them! Thank you again! Steve."

Gene in Paris, MO - "Got it. Thank you very much. Will be sending the one from my wife's car soon."

Arnold in Glen Ellyn, IL - "Dear Jim, I received the GPS on Wed, 7/27, & had a chance to use it the next day. As you indicated, it took a while for the device to acquire a satellite. Once the satellite was acquired, however, it worked beautifully--actually, better than it did when it was brand new some 5 years or so years ago. So, my sincere appreciation to you for a superb job. I would recommend Sharcnet-USA in a heartbeat to anyone needing a GPS repair. I wish you & Sharcnet the very best in the future. Regards, Arnold."

Warren in East Weymouth, MA - "Received and tested out fine. Thank you very much. It will be making trips with me again. Buzz."

Dave in Park Ridge, IL - "Jim, Just a short note to say THANK YOU! You replaced my touchscreen and upgraded my Nuvi 660. It looks and works like brand new! Garmin no longer supports the factory repairs on this unit. I have the lifetime map upgrade on it so I was looking at a major expense to replace my unit. I saw your site and thought why not give it a try? You turned my unit around quickly, at a reasonable price and it works flawlessly! I didn't even lose any of my addresses that I had programmed into the unit. Fair dealing no nonsense repairs. I am a fan for life. Dave."

Sergei in Parsippany, NJ - "Jim, I got my navigation system a couple days ago, and it works like a charm! Thank you so much for fixing and returning it promptly. I really appreciate your service and will gladly do business with you in the future. Have a nice weekend! Sergei."

Bob in New Tripoli, PA - "Jim, I received the GPS this morning and I'm very satisfied with the fix....it far exceeded my expectations. Not only did you repair the switch, but also found and other issues requiring attention. It was definitely worth the $25 + shipping. The turn around time was also better than I expected. After monitoring your site for several weeks and not seeing the "open for business" sign, my expectation was the back log was so long it might be several weeks without my Nuvi....a scenario I was not looking forward to. Instead, total time from when I packaged it up to when I unwrapped it was less than 2 weeks.....super job. I spent a lot of time researching how to fix the switch problem and everything always pointed to you for a reliable repair. I found no negative feedback at all, and now I see why. Thanks for exceeding my expectations. Regards, Bob."

Rob in Franklin, MA - "Hi Jim, I want to compliment you on your thorough customer support communications (this and earlier prompt emails), and your business ethics (advising me about an additional discount). I have not yet received my repaired Nuvi 660 but I know it is in good and competent hands. After reading the most recent blogs on the subject of failing 660's, I thought your company could use a good word. Best wishes back. Rob Smit. P.S. Please feel free to use my comments. Followup: Hi Jim, It has been a few weeks since I received my repaired Garmin Nuvi 660 back from you. I wanted to wait and use it before sending you this email. Bottom line: my experience with you has been terrific - excellent customer service, super repair (without any marks to indicate the unit was repaired) - like new functionality. I am very pleased with your service and will recommend you to anyone having similar issues with their GPS. Thanks again. Rob."

Steve in Chaska, MN - "I got the GPS yesterday and all was well. Thanks for the prompt and economical service. Actually I don't know why you are so cheap, as I don't think I could have even got the parts for the cost that it took you to professionally repair my unit. Steve."

Charles in Paris, MO - "First, i am sorry i havent replied earlier. Work has been hectic and I simply forgot to send you this thank you in a timely manner. Thank you for so quickly repairing and returning my gps to me, it is working flawlessly and the screen is much better to the touch especially on the keyboard screen.... Now if you have the time in a week or two my dad, Russell Gene also has a nuvi 660 that needs a new screen and screen cover it has scratches on it and he would also like a new battery. Basically he would like his repaired the same as you repaired mine. Again thank you for the repair. your service is indesenaple to us who have been abandoned by Garmin. Charles."

Tim in Newport News, VA - "Hi Jim, Received it back today. I have to say the unit performs great and I really believe it performs better than new! I sure appreciate your outstanding service and quick return. Your Customer Service ranks among the best I have ever been associated with. Thanks Again, Tim."

Lisa in Norfolk, VA - "I received it today and it is working fine. My husband has the same model with the similar serial number. We have not had any problems with his unit (knock on wood). I will contact you if he develops similar problems. Thank-you for the great support and customer service. I can find my way again : )"

Ray in Minnesota, MN - "Hi, The repaired Nuvi 650 arrived yesterday. It appears to be working as good as new (maybe better with the reinforced switch). Thank you for the rapid service and for your emails that kept me informed of progress. Ray."

Tim in Brockton, MA - "Hi, Jim-- Thanks so much for the prompt, thorough, and efficient service!"

Jonathan in Mt. Nebo, NC - "Hi Jim, Received Garmin back today and all works fine. As an electronic engineer and offshore surveyor I know how hard it is to find companies and technicians to repair GPS units - so I really do appreciate your professionalism, speedy and efficient service. Am glad that there are still people who take a pride in their work and run business's to satisfy a need - although home GPS units have become cheap, its great that you offer a repair service that negates the need to just dispose of a unit when it stops functioning. Cheers Jonathan."

Dorothy & Leon in Mt. Crawford, VA - "Got the GPS and everything is working good. Thanks for working on it. I will recommend you to all my friends! Thanks, Dot & Leon"

Jimmy in McKinney, TX - "I've had a chance to get the repaired unit back up and running and everything seems to be just fine so far. I was more than pleasantly surprised on how quick my unit got repaired after you received it and will be glad to recommend you to anyone needing any repair work on GPS units. Thanks again!"

Vito in Mentor, OH - "Jim, The GPS works like new. Thank you for the excellent service. I have recommended SHARCNET-USA to several others already and will continue to do so. The work was done well, with very reasonable cost. It was refreshing to be treated like a "valued" customer. Thanks again. Best Regards, Vito."

George in Washington, DC - "Jim, Why buy Garmin? My Nuvi 660 was only 1-1/2 years old and Garmin told me that they no longer repairs any of them. This was not a cheap unit, and I like the many features it provides, but didn't realize that a well known company would not stand behind their products. Their only suggestion was that I should buy another Garmin. Garmin can sell units but not repair their units when they are not even two years old.

But, my dilemma was where do I get it repaired? Searching the web luckily I found your site, Sharcnet-usa. I now realize if even Garmin would have repaired it, that it probably would have fixed it with the substandard parts it came with, or they might have replaced it with the same undependable model.

Your company, on the other hand replaced my screen, with a better one, replaced the battery with a more powerful one and at your suggestion a reinforced the power button, which has a propensity for failing.


Still, I might buy another Garmin, knowing if it should fail I would immediately go to Sharcnet-usa for their superior informed repairs at reasonable cost and prompt service.

Bob in Landenberg, PA - "Hi Jim, I received my unit and am very happy that it is now better than new! Thanks so much for all of your help! Bob."

Chuck in Rockford, IL - "Got it Saturday - Works great - Thanks!"

Allan in Quebec, Canada (repeat customer) - "Hi Jim: Just received the unit, want to thank you for your efforts and for I hope as usual a good repair at a good price. Once I received the OK to request a repair quote everything has gone smoothly, my only concern is that believe it or not I had been trying 3 or 4 times a day, sometimes more since last October to be able to submit a request, it always said "Shop repairs full" or words to that effect. This is not a criticism Jim just an observation, otherwise great service and well worth the wait. Be assured you will be the only one I will turn to if I need future repairs. Thanks again, Allan."

Perry in Tillson, NY - "Jim, After a slight detour, when our local PO scanned the package as delivered, but left it in their truck rather than my mailbox (and finally delivered it Fri night on the driver's way home), the GPS is doing fine! I updated the (lifetime) maps that I'd previously paid for, and took it for a test trip to visit family in NJ yesterday. Thanks to the hint you'd posted about the "hidden" TTS option, it's even speaking street names again. I'll definitely be refering any of my Garmin owning friends to you, when they have this same problem. Thanks again for your help. Perry."

Michael in Shawnee, KS - "My Garmin GPS acts like it is new again. Fantastic affordable repair, excellent customer service, and timely repair. I would highly recommend SHARCNET-USA to any GPS owner needing help in getting their GPS back to working order. Once again, thanks for making the experience so rewarding and trouble-free. The quality of work is superb."

Vince in Lake Mohegan Lake, NY - "Jim, I received the unit today and tested it on an errand to the store. It works just like it did when I first purchased it. It's like it was never touched, let alone serviced. I thank you very much for fixing my GPS. You are a lifesaver! I will highly recommend your services any time to anyone I know that needs repair. Take care, Vince."

Doug in Portsmouth, RI - "Jim, received the garmin after the holiday weekend and everything checks out ok. I downloaded the latest map set and we're ready to make our next military move now. Thanks a bunch for the prompt service. I will not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone else experiencing garmin problems. Take care and thanks again."

Brigette in Lake Peekskill, NY - "Jim: Received my GPS yesterday. Thanks for everything! Quick turn-around, careful packing, excellent service and great communication. I would highly recommend your company to anyone in need of GPS service. You saved me ALOT as my replacement GPS was priced at $200! Thanks again and be well."

Adolfo in Northport, NY - Hi Jim: Received and in perfect working order (as usual). Thank you for all your help. Best regards, Adolfo. "

Ron in Winston Salem, NC - "Jim, Received yesterday and tested. Works like it is supposed to. Many thanks for the very professional service and extremely quick repair! Best regards, Ron."

Ed in Valencia, CA - "Hi Jim, It's working great, thanks! -Ric."

Ed in Middlesex, NJ - "Jim, I received the unit and it works just fine. Thanks a bunch for the quick turn around. I was lost without it. Thanks again, Ed."

John in Maryville, TN - "Hello Jim, Thanks for an excellent repair job. My Nuvi works like new again. You obviously take a lot of care in your work, since I can't tell you even had it apart. Have a great day, -- John."

Susan in Chesapeake, VA - "Hello Jim, My GPS arrived today! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! ... I have checked it out, and it works great! It only took seconds to find satellites and realize it was home! All my favorites and recent finds were there and I also received the new car charger plug and my old battery as promised. Thank you SO MUCH for the speedy repair and return of my GPS. I will highly recommend you to everyone and really appreciate the fact that you did everything you said you would do. Thanks again and I have your website saved in my favorites for referrals! Sincerely, Susan"

Mike in Wilkes Barre, PA - "Hello Jim, I used the repaired gps early this week on a trip out of town, it is working well. Mike"

Jeff in Burlington, Ontario Canada - "Jim, The unit arrived the Wednesday before Good Friday which worked out perfect. We drove down to Boston over Easter to visit family and the unit functioned perfectly. In fact it seemed to locate the satellites quicker than I remember (even when new) You went above and beyond on this one. Your customer service is exemplary. I have been telling everyone I know about SHARCNET. Thanks again for all your efforts. Jeff"

Rich in Pullman, WA - "Jim, Got my GPS today. Took it on a test drive. Works great. Thanks, Rich"

Gary in Steubenville, OH - "Jim, it works great, the cost was fair, and the five-day turnaround was incredible. Thanks. Gary."

Taylor in Sunnyvale, CA - "I wanted to follow up and let you know my GPS arrived on schedule and working better than ever. Thank you for your quality service and repair, I may now get myself lost without trepidation! I'll certainly recommend you if the topic of GPS repairs outside of warranty should cross my path. May your repair queue remain ever filled! -Taylor"

Aniruddha in Mt. Lebanon, PA - "Hi: This is to let you know that we received the GPS unit back after the repairs yesterday and it is working absolutely satisfactorily. Very happy with the service and workmanship. Thank you so much again, Regards, Aniruddha."

Thada in Silver Spring, MD - "Hi Jim, Just wanted to say thank you and how much I appreciated the professional way you handled the repair of my Garmin Nuvi including the quick turn-around, the keeping in touch, the shipping information, and the care with which it was packaged. Best regards, Thada."

Dave in Irving, TX - "Hi Jim, Thanks so much for your speedy and professional repair of my GPS, it's like new again ..... I will recommend your service every chance I get. Regards, Dave."

Caleb in Dayton, NV - "Jim, Thanks for fixing my Nuvi 660 gps. I picked it up today from post office, opened her up and she fired up right away. The touchscreen works! YAY! Again thanks for fitting me in your repair schedule. I would gladly use your service again if necessary, and I will absolutely recommend your service to any and all people who need gps fixes that I encounter. You run a 'Pro' operation... thanks again for your service."

Sara in Addison, IL - "Hello Jim, Thank you so much for fixing my GPS. I just received it back today and so as I walked in the door I had to try it. I remember you saying that it would take a while to find the satellite, which I was ready to wait for. The first thing I noticed was that the bars showed red like they were actually looking and within less than 5 minutes it had found the satellite and was telling me where to go. I decided to switch locations and within seconds it changed directions. Thank you. I have not had that since August .....I forgot to mention also that the turn around with how fast you contacted me, to me filling out a quote, to me shipping it to you. You guys had the unit less than three days and it was fixed and back to me in a week. Thank you. I could not be happier with your service and your customer service. Thank you thank you again. I will recommend you to anyone with a Garmin that needs it fixed. Sara."

Hamonangan in Upland, CA - "Hi Jim, I have been received my GPS today, so far everything OK, thank you for your update and ontime service. Good to know you."

Trung in Santa Ana, CA - "Hi Jim, New touchscreen looks great. Everything is functioning perfectly. Even with a full schedule, you were able to get it back to me within 10 days of sending out my GPS. Your service and repair was just awesome. If I knew you guys were packing the GPS that well, maybe I would have considered not getting insurance. =) If ever anyone else that I know has GPS issues, I'll totally recommend you guys. You're the best. Thanks again -Trung."

Rob in Atlanta, GA - "Hi Jim, my unit arrived today and everything looks good. Thank you again for your help. You have a wonderful business model - provide timely, expert service at a highly competitive rate. You need to hire a few people and increase your output because you would make a fortune!! I've already begun recommending you so keep up the good work!! Best, Rob."

Will in Simsbury, CT - "I have been very happy with the repairs you performed on my Nuvi 670. It works better than new. The battery holds a charge for longer, it finds satellites quicker, and the touchscreen now works as it should. Well done! If this were ebay I'd give you A+ and all five stars! Sincerely, Will."

Claude in Cleveland, TX - "Jim, first I'd like to say that it's been a long time since I've dealt with a business that has communicated so frequently, so accuratly, and never leaving that 'empty' feeling of....gee, am I dealing with the right company? HAT'S OFF TO YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

My orignal concern with SHARCNET was that your website indicated you were full up on repairs. As this was a spare GPS, I had replaced it for my sister with a new unit, and figured I'd get this one fixed sometime...so no big rush. Yet, when I went back to your site....you were still busy? I began to wonder, but never found any negative reviews. I figured if I emailed you...worst you could do was say you were too busy.

Well thanks for saying 'sure, I'll fit you in'. And I now understand why you are so busy.

  • You are one of the few folks advertising GPS repair
  • Your pricing for services is competitive when compared to replacement, somewhat suprising in this day and age
  • Communication, and specifications were exactly what you advertised, no suprises
  • Delivery, in-shop repair times and return were the best, don't know that I could ask for quicker turnaround service
  • And oh ya, the repair....what can I say but that the unit is BETTER than when new, can't ask for more

    Thanks again, feel free to share my comment, and know, I will highly recommend your business to anyone that ask's where they can get their GPS repaired!!!!.

    Bill in Carrollton, GA - "Jim, Thank you for the quick turn around of my [GPS]. You were very professional and efficient. The unit is working better than ever and I will make sure I pass your information along to anyone with the same needs. I appreciate the follow ups letting me know when you received the unit and when it shipped. I wish all companies had the same quality service. Thank you once again! Billy."

    Michael in El Sobrante, CA - "Speedy service! I sent my gps by USPS Priority insured mail from the SF Bay area on Wednesday and got it back the following Monday! And the switch works better now than it did when it was new out of the box. Hope I don?t need another repair some day, but I know where to go if I do. Thanks, Jim."

    Tommy & Joyce in Manchster, TN - "We received our GPS back today. We locked in the new location and just waiting for a trip to try it on. Thank you so much for your help in this repair. We really appreciate it, because we love this GPS most of all. We will share your repair service with others as they need help. Thank you, Tommy & Joyce."

    Art in La Verne, CA - "Jim, I received my 350 this afternoon. The repaired on/off switch works great! Thank you very much... Again, let me say that I am very pleased with your work. I will not hesitate to use your services again and to recommend you to others. Art."

    John in Marietta, OH - "The GPS arrived today and worked great. It took very little time to lock onto the satellites. My wife has a unit exactly like this one. If it ever goes bad, I know where to send it. Thanks, John."

    Chris in Napa, CA - "Jim, It performs great! I appreciate you upgrading my repair, the unit is basically brand new. I will suggest your services to anyone I know who may need GPS service. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you again, Chris."

    Brian in Lyons, OR - "Jim, Again, thank you for fixing my Garmin Nuvi 680 it is working great. Have a Happy New Year. Brian."

    Marvin in Chesnut, MA - "Jim: My [GPS] was received Saturday and appears to be working well, with all maps & favorites in place. Thanks for the quick turnaround. I'll certainly recommend you to anyone I know with GPS problems. -Marv."

    Don in Shrewsbury, MA - "Jim, thanks for refurbishing my [GPS]; I particularly appreciated updates on the process. It works perfectly, and more cheaply than buying a replacement. Don."

    Bill in Bel Air, MD - "Jim, Received my repaired [GPS] yesterday (Mon 10/25) and tried it out today (Tue 10/26) and it works as good as new, maybe even slightly better than new. The repair is 100% professional, as there is no signs that it was ever opened for repair. I want to compliment you on your outstanding business ethics, and customer relations; Thanks to your pre-agreement contact with me via email, your website's demonstration of your vast knowledge in your services you offer, and your obvious intent to make your customers satisfied, I shipped my GPS off to you without that "I really hope I'm not going to regret this" feeling I so often have doing business with other people or companies I have located on the internet. Being that I hold a BSEE and work as a mechanical design engineer for some rather sophisticated equipment, I was tempted to do the repair myself. I have learned, however, that locating the proper parts, and doing the disassembly can often be a headache. As I began to research my defective GPS, I found your website. Reading your website showed me you were well versed in the GPS units and also have a very good mechanical, as well as electrical understanding of these units. Your knowledge of these units and their typical problems, however, is something I don't have, and adding the switch reinforcement is something I wouldn't have found on my own until it broke. I am glad to have found your website, I am very happy with the more than reasonable prices, and I am glad to have done business with you. Should one of my family's several other GPS units need repair, you will be hearing from me again. Thank you. Bill. p.s. if you are rated or listed on any 'opinion' websites, please let me know which and I'd be glad to post my note of 100% satisfaction with your services."

    Andy in Silver Spring, MD - "Dear Jim, Thanks for your e-mail and I am sorry that I was not able to to provide feedback for your repair service with my [GPS} unit that I received in excellent packaging condition until now. Upon powering on and using my repaired GPS unit, I already noticed the feel of a very sensitive touchscreen that was very responsive to my input. The repaired GPS device unit has worked beautifully with my [factory brand] GTM 20 traffic receiver cable ever since I received it from you. I reallly appreciate your all-around professional service, quick turn-around time, your responsiveness, and your follow-up after the repair service for my GPS device unit. I hope that the device will continue to serve me well in the long run provided that I take good gentle care of it. Thanks for all you did and all you do for our community. I cannot express how grateful I am for your service. Warmest, Andy."

    Rob in Dixon, CA - "Hi Jim, Thank you so much. The GPS looks like new. You did a great job!!!! It has always been a little slow in picking up a signal 2-3 min at times. All in All I'm Very pleased!!! Thanks again, Rob."

    Fred in Palatine, IL - "Jim: Awesome. Works great, and just when I thought I'd need to dump it! Would've replied sooner but needed to go to Pittsburgh yesterday. Brought the GPS, which had arrived Saturday. Found a Primanti Brothers, no problem. Definitely glad I found your web site. Thanks, Fred."

    Vito in Carnegie, PA - "Jim, Just a quick note to say thank you for the great communication and amazing service. Got the gps back today and everything is working great! It may be my imagination, but it seems to acquire a fix faster and have a stronger signal than before. Also, the power switch mod feels very solid. Thanks for the great work! Vito."

    Thiagarajan in Hartford, CT - "Jim, The GPS unit was delivered safely today by USPS. I have unpacked the unit and tested it at home. The satellite tracking was achieved without any issues. I have tried simulating a trip and worked OK. I also was able to change the locale and the language, etc to English. I really appreciate your wonderful turnaround time and the wonderful packing of the unit in the USPS box. I am extremely happy with the service and I can't thank you enough for this. I will test drive it during the weekend in the car and will get back o you should there be any issues (which I am sure there is none). Once thank you for your wonderful service. Thank you and Regards, T."

    Bill in Harrrisburg, PA - "Hi Jim. I received my repaired [GPS] this morning and already have used it and sync'd the bluetooth with my cell; everything is working as advertised! I have to say that this was one of my best experiences in having it repaired and being kept informed as to the status. The correspondence was great and everything came to fruition as you had stated, with no unexpected issues. Turn-around time was amazing and it was a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again for the repairs and I would not hesitate to use your services in the future. You can be assured that I will and have mentioned your services to others. Stay well and thanks again...John"

    Brian in Upton, MA - (Repeat Customer) "Hi Jim, The GPS arrived and is working like a champ. The touch screen works great. I like the sensitivity of it.... Thanks again for your help! You do terrific work and appreciate your attention to detail, communication and thoroughness. Brian. "

    Bill in Floral Park, NY - "Jim, I received my [GPS] today and I am nothing short of pleased. The turnaround time was terrific and your whole process of quoting and repairing is extremely efficient. I think your pricing policy is also very fair. Thank you again and if I ever hear of anyone experiencing problems with their units I will certainly recommend you. Bill."

    Tammy in Brownsville, PA - "Hi Jim, I just got a day off and tried out the [GPS] you fixed for me. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I am very impressed with your quick turnaround, prompt replies and outstanding service. Once again, THANKS! Tammy."

    Alison in King of Prussia, PA - "Yes, completely satisfied...it's working great now... LOL I have boasted to everyone how happy I was with the service...but forgot to let you know. So thanks again! Alison."

    Glenn in Chandler, AZ - "Jim, Thanks, we got the unit back yesterday. Everything works great......OK, that's it, you win the prize of the BEST and by far the SMARTEST vendor I've ever dealt with. Thank you so much....Thanks, Glenn."

    Jack in Pompano Beach, FL - "Hello Jim, I received my repaired [GPS] along with the defective battery. As you indicated, it was certainly timely to have the battery changed as the old one was on verge of bursting! I am extremely satisfied with the repairs --- in your prompt response, communications, and followup. Thank you. I have a second Garmin for my daughter that should it fail, I will certainly not hesitate to send your way. Thanks again. Jack."

    Glenn in North Alexandria, VA - "Jim, thanks again for a quick repair. I received the GPS back yesterday and everything seems good to go. I have at least 3 friends that also own 650's so if/when their units start acting up, I will send them your way."

    Ben in Cave Creek, AZ (Repeat Customer) - "Jim, Received my [Factory Brand] Yesterday, cranked it up and ran a route, check on it and it seems to be right on. Thank you once again for your rapid turn-a-round on the unit. It is no wonder you are swamped with work. I am glad I sent you an email before going to your web site. With a full schedule, I would probably still be waiting for a quote opening. Once again, Thanks for the great work. Cheers, Ben"

    Nand in North Brunswick, NJ - "Jim, I just received my Nuvi today. Thanks for repairing it so quickly. Looks as if I received a brand new GPS :) Thanks again, and best regards ..."

    Larry in Ellicott City, MD - "Hey Jim, Got my GPS yesterday and it works great! Thanks for fixing it for me..... Anyway, I appreciate your quick and professional service. I would not hesitate to use you again. Thank you, Larry."

    Gary in Parker, CO - "Jim, In an age when customer service generally fails to live up to its promises, your repair service is a welcome bright spot. Excellent communications, amazing turnaround time, and the unit works better than when it was new. I'm blown away. I will make sure anytime I have a conversation with friends about GPS devices, SHARCNET-USA will be mentioned. Much obliged! Gary."

    Sam in Deerfield, MA - "Dear Jim, I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am with your repair of my GPS.... and to thank you! It guided my way on back roads in New Hampshire this past weekend and it worked better than ever! I've come to depend on it and I so appreciate your quick repair. I wish you all the best! Sam."

    Yelleshpur in Hainsport, NJ - "Thanks. I got the GPS. Its working fine. I appreciate your help and assistance in repairing the on/off button."

    Sheila in Fairfield, CT - "Hi, I got it and it appears to be working just fine. Thank you VERY VERY MUCH. I am so happy I stumbled on you on the internet. Hope it lasts for a while; my son is convinced that they will soon be obsolete...another technological challenge for me to worry about! Sheila."

    Xu in Laurel, MD - "Hi Jim: I received the GPS, and tried it on the way to work this morning. The unit works very well, more than I expected. It just took few seconds for it to locate the satellites, and to show the 'Ready to Navigate' message. I can see the signal strength was also strong, got 5 bars most of time. The 'unable to locate satellite' problem no longer occur, as far as I saw this morning. I will rate 5 out of 5 for you excellent work, and I will definitely recommend you to everyone who may have similar 'Unable to locate satellite' problem with his/her GPS unit. Thanks, Xu."

    Gary in Craigsville, WV - "Jim, I must say that I am more than pleased with the recent repair of my NUVI 660. The turn-around time was amazing and the fact that you replaced the case screws and the intermal mike without a delay or big additional cost was unbeliveable. I will highly recommend your company to anyone I come in contact wirh that has a broken GPS. In this throw-away society, it is refreshing to know someone who can and will repair perfectly good GPS units that would normally be tossed. Thanks much, Gary T."

    Minh in Reston, VA - "Jim, Thank you thank you thank you! The repair means more to me than you realize..... I will spread the word when I can about the repair service you provide. I'll also check out the other repairs you can perform to see what else I might need. Respectfully, Minh."

    Dave in Big Rapids, MI - "Jim, I received my repaired GPS today. Great job, quick turnaround, great communication throughout the process and great price. Thanks and I will pass on your name to others in need of GPS repair. Dave."

    Marc in Darragh, PA - " Jim - Received the Garmin today. It works and looks great! Thanks for your top notch service and professionalism. Marc."

    Gary in Warren, MI - "I received my [GPS] last Sat (I was impressed with how quickly the repair was done and the unit repaired) and have used it on a couple of short trips and it worked perfectly. I'm going to CT from MI this weekend for one week and will give it a good tryout. I'm really happy at the way the on/off switch doesn't feel so 'mushy' anymore. Gary."

    John in Greenville, SC - "Had it out on a long drive today w/ output jack connected to the BMW audio system. It all sounded just fine. Thanks again!."

    Brian in Morris, IL - "Jim, I received my unit back today and have had it on since it arrived . I have 5 full green bars and 10 locked on satellites with 15 foot accuracy and it hasn't deviated from that once . It has been on long enough that in the past , I would have seen it lose the satellite reception therefore I think all is good !.Thank You very much! Brian."

    Sharon in Huber Heights, OH - "Jim, I just received my Gps. Everything is working great. I really appreciate what you do. It is not everyday you find people like you, that is honest. I will keep you in mind and if anybody needs repairs I will give them your name and email....Again Thank you so much, Sharon."

    Guoping in Fort Wayne, IN - "Dear Jim, Thank you for the excellent service. It is very fast and professional. Working like a charm. Guoping."

    Keith in Covington, GA - "Jim: Got my Nuvi 350 today. It appears to be in excellent order. The on-off switch works for the first time in I can't remember how long..... Keith."

    John in Hawthorne, CA - "Hi Jim, The GPS arrived yesterday. I tried it and it found satellites in a minute or so and I used it to go on a few mile drive. It worked perfectly! I noted what you mentioned about applying lithium to the antenna axle, it flips up with ease, excellent idea! I also like the additions of the other vehicles. I think this is better than new. I can't thank you enough for your excellent workmanship and very quick turn-around time. Best regards, John."

    Frank in Huntington, NY - "Hi, Jim,I picked up the unit at the post office this morning. It seems as good as new!!!......Thanks for the swift and complete repair. Regards, Frank."

    Sheldon in Midvale, UT - "Hi Jim, I received my [GPS] a few days back and have given a a few days worth of testing.It's back to better than new condition and the modification you did to the power switchis more than noticeable, this too is better than new. Thank you so much for making the time to do this work, I cannot tell you how happy I am with the workmanship you put into repairing the device. I should now get many further years of use from my GPS thanks to you. Once again many thanks. With kindest regards. Sheldon."

    Leon in Virgina Beach, VA - "Jim, Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you. I have taken my GPS on several trips after you have repaired. It has not let me down yet. Thanks again for excellent service and support. I have filed your information in case I ever need it in the future. Thanks again, Leon."

    Basil in Longmont, CO - "Jim, I received my [GPS] from you yesterday. Thanks for the super quick turnaround. The power button has never worked this well before. Basil."

    Malcolm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - "Hi Jim, Thanks for your e-mail. Your repair job was FIRST CLASS and it worked (better than new) right out of the box. It was very well packed for the return shipment as well. Thanks for doing a great job at a reasonable cost. The equivalent [Factory Brand] repair would cost almost 3 times the amount and I would have been able to purchased a new unit for almost the same cost at the [Factory Brand] repair dept. HA-HA. Malcolm."

    Steve in San Jose, CA - "For those of you who don't like detail, I can tell you this - I thought my Garmin Nuvi 650 was "done for" after only a couple years of pretty light use. I sent Jim a non-working unit that was cosmetically perfect. Jim quickly sent me back a fully functional unit that was still cosmetically perfect. - for everyone else who wants to know what what my experience with Jim and Sharcnet-USA was like, read on...

    The touchscreen on my Garmin GPS suddenly stopped responding and, in the process of searching the Internet for clues about what had gone wrong, I ran across the Sharcnet-USA site. It at least looked legitimate, even though it was located across the country from me (I'm in California). The Sharcnet-USA site was full of useful information and, put together with other info from the net, I determined that my touchscreen failure was unfortunately a pretty commonplace occurrence on the specific model and serial number range of my unit. After trying everything short of cracking the case open, my choices are, "repair, or throw a few more dollars onto cost of repair and get a new one". Sending it to Garmin was going to start at $150 and go up from there, so that was a non-starter for me - why spend all that when they were the ones who built it with such a fragile touchscreen. I looked at Sharcnet's site, being one of the few sites on the net that appeared to be a credible business. I looked at Jim's experience, the testimonials, the detail he provided about pricing of specific repairs (all suspiciously reasonable), the forum discussions, then decided to request a quote that afternoon. By evening, Jim had responded with a detailed quote and even some other options for problems that I hadn't considered - not expensive additions either, by the way - just practical suggestions that I hadn't considered. Besides, what was I going to do with this broken unit anyway? Too light for a boat anchor. I emailed Jim back to get the address to send the GPS to and quickly received detailed shipping instructions. Within the next day or so, I went to the bank to get the Cashier's Check, then off to the USPS to send via first class mail with insurance. The unit was scheduled to be delivered to Jim three days later on Saturday, and by Sunday, I had an email back from Jim saying my GPS had arrived with no problems. Only two working days later (Tuesday), Jim sent me an email saying that my GPS had been repaired and would be shipped and on its way back the same day. It's not like he had to turn it around to get paid - he already had my money - it's nice to know that he takes his obligations seriously, since many businesses do not. As promised, my GPS was back in my hands on Thursday afternoon, with a brand new, non-glare touchscreen that Jim said has a track record of only failing when the glass is cracked.

    As a purchasing professional, I do a lot of business with service providers. I'm sure most of you have stories, but you would be pretty shocked how few service providers, online or not, tell you what they are going to do and then do it. Granted, this is just my experience with Sharcnet-USA, but my experience also tells me that when you get this kind of service and follow-up, it's not an accident. I have no hesitation in using Sharcnet-USA again, or telling any of my friends or family the same thing. Thanks for a very fast and painless experience, Jim! Best, Steve.

    Alvaro in Miami, FL - "Hello Jim: I received my [GPS] last Thursday. The shipping time was better than I expected. I proceeded to test the unit outside and was able to lock onto 8 satellites with an accuracy of 18 feet. Very impressive, but that is not all. I walked inside with the unit, from room to room and the unit kept locked with an accuracy of about 40 feet. This was impressive as I didn't know the unit could operate indoors. I don't think the unit ever worked this well before. I am very satisfied. I am very appreciative of the add-on's you were able to load the unit with. From day one I browsed your Web site, I knew I was dealing with a professional. The information was very clear and detailed and you were very honest. Your handling of everything from day one including the impeccable packing taking special care with anti static materials and padding was the best I've seen. You are very organized, a professional and I do not hesitate in recommending your services to any one, these qualities are something we don't see easily nowadays. Keep up with the good work! Excellent service! Thank you. Best regards, Alvaro."

    Karen in Buffalo, NY - "Hi Jim, Fabulous service - thx a mint! I was going to reply when I rec'd your e-mail but didn't want to take up more of your time so waited until I rec'd nuvi back...I know you prolly prefer fixing to e-mailing ;-

    I especially appreciate the communication, excellent return packing and quick turnaround. Initially I was concerned as I wanted to get this done in December but your site said you were not "taking orders" at the time. I was a little suspect but my DH, who sourced you, said to go ahead anyway. I now appreciate that you only take what you can do in a reasonable amount of time, and of course December is the holiday season and most folks are busier than usual. I was "Jill" for our Dec and Feb vacations but it is sure nice to hear her voice again - now I can return to my regular scheduled naps...LOL! Thx again...fab service..

    Kevin in King, NC - "Hi Jim. Received the unit yesterday, tested it last night when I got home and it works perfectly. Everything you said you'd do, you did and the turnaround time was amazing, less than a week from the time I mailed it to the time I got it back. I've already told others about you and will continue to do so. You demonstrated that you're the real deal Jim, and I appreciate it. Thanks again for everything. Kevin."

    Oladapo in San Antonio, TX - "Many thanks!!!."

    Eileen in New Weston, OH - "We've been using it for a good month now (actually my daughter took it with her to Illinois) and said it was working perfectly, so thanks again and I will refer you to anyone who is interested. Thanks again, Eileen."

    Ray in Tempe, AZ - "Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Received the unit and it works great. Thank you! Ray."

    Paul in Marriotsville, MD - "Jim,I received the unit and have done some limited testing but so far so good... I would like to say thank you for the rapid turn around on the repair and thus far I am very satisfied... Needless, to say if I or anyone I know has problems with their GPS that is out of warranty; the units will be sent your way for repair. Again thank you. Paul."

    Heather in Atlanta, GA - "I received my GPS. It is working very well. Thanks for your help. Heather."

    John in Rocklin, CA - "Jim, I received the GPS unit today. It looks like everything works as advertised. Thank you for the fast turnaround and the informative e-mails to keep me posted on progress. I will recommend you to anyone I know who might need some maintenance on their GPS. Again, thank you for the fast service, John."

    Joan in Mesa, AZ - "GPS is working just fine. I do appreciate your great service. I was very happy with your communication and fast service. Thank you again. Joan."

    Bob in Walnut Creek, CA - "Came this morning. Works perfectly, of course. Of course I will tell anyone I can (already have)."

    Richard in Washington, DC - "Got it! It works better than it did when brand new!! Thanks for the professional job. I know who to call when my wife's does the same thing."

    Wendy in Scottsdale, AZ - "Hi Jim, I got it!!! :-) Just charging it up right now but all seems well. Thank you"

    Sarah in Los Angeles, CA - "Hi Jim Yes, I got it yesterday and it's working great - thank you!"

    Rafael in Mount Laurel, NJ - "Thanks a lot for all your help I am very happy that you were able to help me. Let me know if I can repay the favor in the future."

    Rod in Springville, UT - "I've checked it out and everything works great. Thanks for all your help. If you'd ever like to use me as a referral, please do so. I would be pleased to recommend you to anyone."

    Shane in the United Kingdom - "[Factory brand] quoted me £170 ($300!!) to fix my [GPS], which was suffering from their flawed switch design. Before throwing it in the bin and putting it down to experience, I did a quick check on the Net and found Jim. By far the slowest part of the service was Paypal clearing the funds. Everything else was extremely fast and the repair itself is magnificent. There was full communication throughout the repair and I'd recommend this service to anyone else with an out-of-warranty device that has broken. For those in the UK, insured, guaranteed Royal Mail delivery cost me less than £10, so it's well worth using Jim even if you're not in the States."

    Jason in Hamburg, PA - "I am completely satisfied and will keep you in mind if anything would happen in the future with my unit. I did receive the GPS when I got back home, and all is well. Thanks again for everything!!"

    Ken in Bedminster, NJ - "I received the [GPS], and it works great. Thanks for the great job with the repairs!!"

    Mike in Fuquay-Varina, NC - "I received my [GPS] yesterday and it works great. Thanks for the prompt and professional repair."

    Friedman in Pittsburgh, PA - "Units arrived yesterday. Thank you so much. You really provide a "better, faster, cheaper" service. Better because it gets the [GPS] in a better-than-factory condition. Faster because you promise quick turnaround, and then turn it around even quicker. And cheaper because you do it at a fraction of the cost of an official [factory brand] repair or reconditioned unit."

    Colin in Sherman Oaks, CA - "She's home, and works like a dream! Thanks for the [GPS] repair.....and again, to say THANKS for a job well done! All the best, Colin"
    Eric in Pittsburgh, PA - "I got it. Works great! Good as new. Thanks."

    Bill in San Diego, CA - "I received my [GPS] back from Jim at SHARCNET-USA. Jim did a great job fixing the power switch. Great communication, fast service, reasonable price and the unit works great. I highly recommend using SHARCNET-USA for this repair. Thanks Jim! :)"

    Chris in Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec, Canada - "I've got your package this morning. Everything is fine. It doesn't look that you have opened it at all!!....Thank you very much for everything and long life to SHARCNET-USA. Cheers, Chris."

    Joe in Papillion, NE - "Jim, the speaker arrived today. Great packaging and thanks for the instructions. Its been a pleasure doing business with you. Best regards, ..... Joe"

    Miles in Medford, MA - "Jim, Thanks so much--works perfect and am so happy to have read your blog and used your service. Will definitely be in touch if needing any future repairs or if I know of anyone looking for service."

    Ron in Williamstown, MA - "Jim, I received the cradle today. Thank you so much for your great service. I'll keep you in mind for future needs."

    Jaime in Orange, CA - "Jim, I wanted to thank you again for operating your service in a fast and professional manner. I received the speaker today, as you indicated I would. Installed it, and the unit is back to good operational condition. My sister will be very happy to get it back. I still cannot believe how worthless [factory brand] is when it comes to technical assistance. If this was an ebay sale, you would receive high regard as a seller."

    Kim in Baltimore, MD - "Hi Jim, I received the [GPS] today. The repair is great, thanks."

    Edward in Dingmans Ferry, PA - "Unit arrived at noon today. Turned it on - powered up and ready to go in less than 1 minute. Thanks Again!!! I passed word to all my friends with [GPS] units - should they need your services."

    Marc in Bristol, PA - "Hi Jim, I got the package today, and the [GPS] works great."

    Mark in Mountain View, CA - "[GPS] arrived today and works great."

    Lon in Lakewood, CO - "Jim, Got the [GPS] today, it works great, thanks again for the great service."

    Richard in Washington, DC - (Repeat Customer, Different Unit) "Got it yesterday. Thanks for the quick turnaround! I'm more than happy to be a reference and will send everyone I know to you for repairs."

    Jeff in Fremont, CA - "Got it, thanks very much! I will definitely recommend you whenever I have the opportunity!"

    David in Dover, NJ - "Just received my [GPS] in perfect shape. Thank you for packaging it so well. And thanks for offering a great alternative to [Factory brand] overpriced repair services. A few friends also have [GPS's], and I'll definitely tell them of your service in case they experience any problems."

    Glenn in Spring, TX - "Thanks, I received it yesterday and everything seems to work.."

    Duane in Windermere, FL - "Jim, Just received my [GPS], Thanks for the quick turn around.... Thanks again..."

    Matt in Robbsindale, MN - "Hi Jim, Received my [GPS] unit in the mail today and I wanted to say thanks for fixing it for me. The unit works like new, and thanks for getting it back to me so quickly. If I do end up breaking it again (hopefully not) I know who to get ahold of. Thanks again!"

    Doug in Valparaiso, IN - "Jim, Thanks for the follow up. I used it on the way home from work the day I received it and all worked great!!"

    Tony in Willamina, OR - "Jim, WOW! Received my [GPS] today. I was surprised it arrived so quickly. I will be using it this week and will let you know how it works. Thanks again I really appreciate it." Follow-up: "Hey Jim, Hope all is well with you. I wanted to let you know that my unit is working perfectly!"

    Kevin in Irvine, CA - "The unit is working better than when it was new. Thanks Jim!"

    Mike in Eagle, NE - "Picked it up from post office the other day been snowing here so was there a day or two. Used it to go to work last night just to try it out and it works great. Like the new speaker, sounds good. Thanks alot for fixing it. I know a few other people with [GPS's] and if they need any repairs done I will give them your name and website. Thanks again."

    Tom in Pleasant Plain, OH - "Jim, Thanks for the follow-up and yes, the repair is great. I'm a happy camper once again!"

    David in Wappingers Falls, NY - "Jim, Received the repaired [GPS] today. Works great! Thanks. I figured I would have to live with using the car charger to turn it off and on until I got a new one. Now I don't have to! Great job & quick service. Now I have to get used to not pushing too hard to turn it off & on. I was used to pushing harder & harder as the switch got worse & worse. Thanks again, Dave"

    Kathleen in Vienna, VA - "I picked up [Ms.GPS] at the post office on Sat. and I got to use her that night. She is performing at peak efficiency. Thank you so very much!!"

    Mike in Brea, CA - "Hey Jim, Everything is working great and I'm very pleased with how it is performing. Thank you again for the speedy turn around time."

    Andrew in Cumming, GA - "Jim, Thanks for the sterling service you have provided. Your work on my [GPS] is undetectable apart from the fact it now works! Great service, great help and I was always kept informed. I would not hesitate to recommend your abilities to any other [Factory brand] Users."

    Dave in Dubuque, IA - " Jim, just got back from Arizona and picked the device up from USPS last night. I tested the unit out and it appears to be working great. Thanks, Dave."

    Lawrence in Emerson, NJ - " Hey Jim, Everything works perfectly: great job; great service; great price! Thanks."

    Clint in Owings, MD - "Hey again Jim!....Just got it yesterday and tried it out on the way home - as good as new! Thanks so much again for your great service! It's been a really good experience."

    Caesar in Flemington, NJ - "Jim , the GPS was delivered yesterday. It works fine. I was very pleased with both the quality and timeliness of your work. I will certainly recommend you if anyone I know needs to have a GPS repaired. Thanks again." Update: 10/27/2009 - "Jim, just wanted to let you know that we just returned from a couple of weeks in Europe and the GPS worked perfectly. Thanks again for keeping it alive. Caesar"

    Christine in Pittsburgh, PA - "Jim, Just wanted to let you know I received the gps and its working fine. I'll pass your name on to my family and friends in case they need your services. Thanks."

    Ward in Rochester, NY - "Jim,   WOW !!   It works perfectly, and with software upgrade. You are amazing. Thank you SO MUCH !!"

    Roger in Dublin, CA - "Hi Jim, I got it and it seems to be working fine. Thank you very much!"

    Todd in Casa Grande, CA - "Hi Jim My GPS looks brand new! I will keep you on my repair list."

    Zak in Albuquerque, NM - "Hello Jim, just to let you know that I have received my [GPS] and it works very well. I paired it with my phone and all software sync went well. It is fully operational now again. Thank you very much for your prompt service. I will recommend your services to anyone who needs it."

    Kevin in Mission Viejo, CA - "Hi Jim, Your diagnosis and repair of my [GPS] was flawless. And for some of the reported problems, they are repaired better than new. I appreciate your technical ability to root out all the functional issues with my device. I wish the repair of all of my home electronics was at your level of professionalism. Thanks again."

    Joe in Chino Hills, CA - "Hi Jim, I just got my GPS back, and I am very satisfied with the repair. I've also re-installed my bluetooth and all is well.....I will pass the word to all my friends on the quality of the work (and the speedy return).Thanks, Joe."

    Bob in Maplewood, MN - "Thanks Jim, I got my [GPS] back, works great......I will use you services again if need be and I will pass on to my friends of your service, Bob."

    Robert in Oakland, CA - "Unit arrived Mon, and I used it today. Works fine. I was extremely pleased with every aspect of your service and would have no hesitation in highly recommending it."

    Jeffrey in Clarks Summit, PA - "Dear Jim, Got the 660 [GPS] back today. Everything seems to be working just fine. Thanks again for the repair. If I ever come across anyone in need of your services I will surely refer them to you. Again, Thank You."

    Eric in Milton, GA - "Jim, I received my GPS from the USPS today and it works fine! It is rare these days to receive prompt, professional service from a firm that does what they say they will do! The repair price is also very reasonable. Thanks again. Regards, Eric."

    Dave in Bloomington, IL - "I received my GPS today........everything works great. Thanks again for providing such a great service. I hope I never need your service again but I will tell everyone I know about your website......Dave"

    Beth in Robbinsville, NJ - "I just wanted to thank you so much for repairing it. I had just gotten it a few months ago before I drove over railroad tracks and it fell and the touch screen cracked. You did an incredible job repairing it. It's like brand new again and thanks again for the great communication and trustworthiness."

    Brian, US Army, Europe - "Jim, Thank you. I received my GPS unit and it works great! I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and quick service. It has been (without exception) a pleasure doing business with you. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone else I know that may require them. If there is any further feedback you need regarding this matter, please let me know. Once again, thank you. Respectfully, Brian"

    Steve in Henderson, NC - "Good morning Jim, I picked up our GPS unit late yesterday and it works perfectly! Thank you so much. My wife is an international flight attendant for American Air, and uses her Nuvi to get around on layovers. When I dropped and broke the screen, I was concerned that I might have to buy a new one. Hold on. Sharcnet to the rescue. I am a tax and business consultant, and most businesses could take a cue from you on customer service. You were quick to respond, diagnose, service and return. You even did preventative measures, and found a problem I had forgotten. And on top of that, you provided a 24 hour turnaround! Wow. I sent her Nuvi on Monday and received it back on Wednesday in time for my wife's next trip (and keep me out of the doghouse). Your responsive, customer oriented service sets the high standard for service and value by which all others, including [Factory brand], will be judged. Being a two Nuvi family, both will sleep well knowing you are there. Your customer for life, Steve"

    Deepak in Belmont, CA - "Hi, thanks. I have received it and it is working fine. Regards, Deepak."

    Suzy in Boulder, CO - "Dear Jim, My [GPS] arrived in great condition is working perfectly. I am very pleased with your work, so thanks very much!, Suzy"

    Richard in Alexandria, VA - "Hi Jim, I received my GPS today and everything works perfectly - even better than before! I'm very glad you were able to repair the on/off switch. You did a fantastic job and it feels better than when it was new. The click is solid and doesn't feel like I need to press as hard on the button, allowing me to apply only the slightest pressure needed to operate the switch. Thank you for saving my [GPS]! Richard"

    Doug in Snellville, GA - "Jim, I received the unit yesterday and verified that it works this morning. Thank you for your quick service. I thought my only option was to buy another GPS unit because of the expensive repair costs at [Factory brand]. I'm glad that I found your repair business. Thanks for your help."

    Oleg in Costa Mesa, CA - "I am very happy and I want to say Thank You Very Much for all that you have done to help me, starting with your advice, and ending with such a fast shipping of perfect parts for a very much affordable price, which was very reasonable even for a used unit. If you ever need a reference, you can count on me."

    Ken in Wheatley, Ontario, Canada - "Hi Jim, I received my GPS on Friday.....I appreciate the great work & service you have provided for me. I`ll pass your name on as I recommend you're contact for repairs. Thank You, Ken."

    Steve in East Aurora, NY - "Jim, Thanks for the quick repair on the GPS. The unit works great, and I think the screen is actually a lot clearer than the original. Thanks again, Steve."

    Rich in Huntley, IL - "Hi Jim-- thanks for the repair, I'm very pleased and happy that I found you. Who says it doesn't pay to be anal with researching the internet? Not me. Anyway, the [GPS] works great, and I'm giving it to my girlfriend, since she has some piece of crap navigation system in her car. She will be thrilled, and I'm saving a link to you for future repairs. You are very professional and super efficient on turn-around. Hope your business is booming, since you're doing everything right. Thanks again, Jim. Gratefully, Rich."

    Robert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - "Hi Jim, I just received the repaired GPS. Its repair looks very professionally done. The power button works better now then when the unit was brand new. ie. Button feels a-lot smoother and responsive. Regards, Robert. PS, I really like your customer support, it is second to none."
    Update: 8/22/2009 - "Hi Jim, The on/off switch is still working great. I am really glad you repaired it. 8 months and still going strong. Regards, Robert Dewalt"

    Gail in Cumberland, ME - "Hi Jim, We were able to try out the repaired GPS and all is good....thanks again for the quick repair and professional service!, Gail."

    Scott in Philadephia, PA - "Hi Jim, Got the unit this morning and it picked up satellites without issue! I'll use it throughout the week but looking good. Thanks for the quality repair, Scott.."

    Rob in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada - "Hi James, I received my GPS today. I tried it out and it works great..... Thanks so much for your excellent repair service. I wish there were more businesses interested in a repair instead of replace policy. I wish you years of success in your endeavors. If you ever travel to Nova Scotia feel free to look me up. We can talk about music and have a beverage on the Halifax waterfront while listening to Jigs and Reels. Best regards, Rob". Celtic Rant

    Rita in New York, NY - "Hi Jim, Everything works great. Thank you so much!!.."

    David in Dover, NJ (repeat customer) - "Good afternoon Jim, I'm writing to let you know the GPS arrived today in perfect shape, and packaged well enough that I'm sure it would rival [Factory brand] best packaging efforts. I once again thank you for the outstanding service you provide. The quick turnaround, fair pricing and straightforward service are appreciated. It is refreshing to deal with such an honest businessman who is obviously highly skilled in electronics as well. While I hope this is the last time I will be sending you a broken GPS, I certainly will not hesitate to contact you in the future the next time I drop my GPS on the driveway! I will also continue to tell my friends about your service. Have a great week, and thanks again! Sincerely, David"

    Nels in Van Nuys, CA - "Jim, Got the [GPS] back this morning looks great. Thanks again, Nels."

    Jerry in Accord, NY - "Hi Jim.....The gps works perfectly, you did a great job. I am completely satisfied."

    Ed in Wayne, NJ - "Hi Jim, I picked up my [Factory brand] unit at the post office today and tried it out.. it works A OK. I'm glad I found you on the Web.. I was very close to buying a new one .. The repair was defiantly the way to go. Thanks for your help and honesty.. In todays world, theres a lot of scammers..unfortunately.. Best wishes and good luck. Ed."

    John in Mountain Top, PA - "Hi Jim, Was going on a short local trip today so I decided to try out the GPS. All worked well to the destination and when I pressed in the stored Home to return all worked well. It seems that all is fine. Thank you very much, John."

    John in Salisbury, NC - "Jim, I received my repaired [Factory brand] today. It seems to be working fine. Thank you for the good work and fast return. Sincerely, John."

    Rita in Irvine, CA - "I used both the car charger and wall charger, everything is working ... thanks for the advice on how to maximize usage!"

    Doug in Round Rock, TX - "Jim, Just got my [GPS] back. It is better than before -- I don't recall being able to toggle to "Quick Settings" using the power button. What a great feature! Thanks, Doug."

    Nicole in Westminster, CO - "Hi Jim, ..... I received my GPS this week and it's working great. Thanks for completing the repair so quickly."

    Dave in Billings, MT - "Jim, ..... I received the GPS back just fine and all appears to work correctly. Our driver will be going out with it this week but I think all will be OK. Thank you for the fine job and fair pricing. I will definitely keep you in mind for any future repairs."

    Jay in Orlando, FL - "Thank you so much for the speedy repair & return of my GPS unit. I am extremely satisfied and if I can, I will refer anyone in a similar circumstance to you. Thanks again for the quick turn around, Jay."

    Ken in Mission Viejo, CA - "Hi James: Just received my [GPS] with the new switch. It works great. It even feels better than before. Thanks for the speedy fix and return. We are off to Maine to visit relatives and then Europe on a Transatlantic Cruise. I am really going to need the Garmin. Thanks again, Ken."

    Joe in El Cajon, CA - "Thank you Jim. I received the GPS today everything worked perfect, Joe."

    Bill in Chicago, IL - "Jim, I've received my GPS today .. turned it on .. all seems fine. I will start using it and let you know if I have any problems or questions. I want to thank you for your prompt and attentive service .. certainly will keep you in mind for future work and reference you, Bill."

    Neil in Longmont, CO - "Thank you very much - all great. Already posted a praise and referral to you on Amazon forum - Please let me know who I can tell of your good work. Happy to tell people you are as represented. Neil."

    Robert in Dallas, TX - "Got the [GPS]. Good Job. Thanks, Robert."

    Peter in Bayonne, NJ - "Hello Jim, received the gps and it is working fine. Thanks for the great service and repair!."

    Charlotte, in Ft. Worth, TX - "Hello Jim, Thank you very much for the quick turn around and accurate work of replacing the cracked screen on my Nuvi. Also thank you for the new suction cup mount. Everything works great, just as it did before. I will tell everyone of your great service. God bless you and may you prosper in your work."

    Joel, in Montville, OH - "Hi Jim, I received my GPS and everything works great. The status updates and quick repair time were greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!"

    John, in Santa Rosa, CA - "Jim, Rec’d my [GPS] today. Couldn’t be more pleased with my experience. Better than advertised! Now, if you would only start IPOD repair. Guys are making a killing repairing them and the parts are readily available. Let me know if you do. Thanks again, John"

    Allan, in Quebec, Canada - "Hi Jim, Just got back from a trip, GPS is working great, seems better signal in Quebec City than before or maybe its my imagination. Price you charged $54.00 was a great improvement over the factory estimate $250.00. Great service, thank you for the smooth and speedy transaction."

    Scott, in Galesburg, MI - "Jim, Thank-you for repairing my GPS. It looks and works like new again. I couldn't believe how small the on/off switch actually is. I'm glad I didn't attempt to repair it myself. Thanks again, Scott"

    Mike, in Herndon, VA - "Jim, I have received the repaired unit, and everything seem in order. Nice work! Cheers, Mike"

    Dan, in Geneva, NY - "Hi Jim, It arrived today and everything appears excellent. Thanks so much! Dan"

    Kristen, in Houston, TX - "Hi Jim, Thanks for checking back with us. We are using the GPS right this minute, exploring the mountains of Colorado. It's working great, and installing the new battery was a big improvement. Thanks so much for your great service. It was much more pleasant and effective than dealing with [Factory]. Thanks, Kristen"

    Michelle, in Stafford, VA - "Dear Jim, You are a genius! The Nuvi works great again! Best money I ever spent! Thank you, thank you, thank you! A million thanks would not be enough! Nuvi 350 owners are lucky you exist! Best wishes, Michelle"

    Tom, in Willimantic, CT - "Jim, GPS was great on trip to NY City. Thanks for everything. Tom"

    Ken, USN, Afghanistan - "It works better than before; the touch screen is more/better sensitive! I see the data points were not deleted. That is cool, my quick run to the Iraqi border is still in there....Thanks Jim. Ken"

    Ferdinand in Loma Linda, CA - "Hi, Jim - SHARCNET-USA, I just wanna say thanks. The GPS is working fine. Nice to do business with you. Thanks JIM ! =)"

    Mike in Jonestown, PA - "Jim, The [GPS] arrived, and works just fine now! Below you'll find something you might be able to use as feedback --- and we mean it, by the way!. Thanks again! Mike."

    "To anyone considering using Jim's services ---- DO IT! You will not find anyone in business who will communicate with you like Jim does! He is fast and courteous with his communication and knowledable about the issues regarding your product. He will fix it rapidly, accurately, and with a totally reasonable price. My main comment is this: I wish everyone in business today would operate like he does. Thanks, Jim! We're delighted with the results of your work! Mike"

    Howard in Garland, TX - "[GPS] arrived yesterday, happy in its plastic wrap. It appears to be working fine - at least it turns on and off - so the story has a happy ending. Thanks so much for your expertise and assistance. Howard"

    Charlie in Largo, FL - "Jim, Received GPS back yesterday and now it works perfectly. Great service !!! I appreciate the progress reports in your communications. Nice to see that there are still some honest people that charge resonable prices. Thanks, Charlie"

    Dave in Lancaster, PA - "Jim: I received the GPS Unit on Thursday. Tried it for the last couple days. It works better than when I originally bought it. Thanks for getting this repaired so fast. It's really going to come in handy on my daughter's cross country trip to visit colleges this summer. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs their GPS Unit fixed. Thanks Again for all your help! Dave "

    Carlos in Irvine, CA - "Hi Jim, Thank you so much for a fantastic repair. I love the feel of the On/Off switch... It was never this good from the factory. Your email updates during the diagnosis/repair stages were greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Sharcnet to anyone experiencing any issues with their Garmin. Kind regards, Carlos"

    Bill in Tallahassee, TN - "Hello Jim, The GPS arrived today. I had forgotten, quite literally, how good it is to have a reliable power switch. It is great to have it functioning properly. I think it is better than new. Thanks, Bill"

    Randy in Augusta, GA - "Jim, Received it today. Works great! Thanks again. Randy"

    Doug in Reynoldsburg, OH - "Hi Jim, We just got the unit back and it seems to operate just fine. Thanks for the good and fast repair."

    Shauna in Simi Vally, CA - "Hi Jim! I got my [Factory] 650 back and I've been using it for about a week. Everything has been working wonderfully and I have had no problems with the sound! Thank you so much for the quick turn-around. It was great to be able to look at your website and understand exactly what the problem was before I sent it to you. I was soooo happy that you were not one of those crazy scam artists and that you actually fixed my GPS AND returned it! Thank you for all your help. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family that have similar issues :). Shauna"

    Jim in Bellevue, NE - "Unit arrived this afternoon. Quick inspection shows how awesome your service is! Thank you VERY much for everything (both the fixin' and the speedy delivery)! Yours, Jim 8^)"

    Lou in Lancaster, PA - "Dear Jim, I would like to thank you for your superior service. My wife also feels the same way. When dealing with an unknown person one is extremely leery of the service level and handling. I deal a lot through e-bay and out of all my transactions both online and in person you are exceptional in every aspect. If only all people treated other in a like manner life would be so much better. Again thank you for an excellent experience! Lou"

    Gary in Whitehouse, TX - "Hi Jim, My GPS arrived a few days ago and we were able to use it over the weekend. Thank you very much for all you have done to restore it better than it was before. You are providing a great service to all who use these small wonders of technology. Thanks again for a great repair experience. I will keep you on file for future repairs/references. Have a good day. Gary"

    Fredrick in Sterling Heights, MI - "Good afternoon: I received my GPS today (Saturday 8/29). It works better than new! Thanks alot for the quick turn around and fix."

    Judi in Cincinnati, OH - "Hi Jim, Just received my GPS in the mail. Turned it on and Jill has her voice back. Hooray!! Thank you for your prompt service. Now I'll have a place to turn to for any problems in the future. Thank you again for providing a great service! Judi"

    Denny in Gold Canyon, AZ - "Jim, I've used the GPS for a few short trips around town so far, and it seems to be working great! I sometimes see inquiries about repairing [Factory Brand] on one of the RV websites I read-- with your permission, next time I do, I'll post a link to your website. Thanks, Denny"

    Dick in San Antonio, TX - "Jim, GPS works as fine as ever, on the road and in town. Thanks for the good job! I will gladly refer anybody to your service. Stay well........Dick"

    Sally in Grand Blanc, MI - "Hi Jim, The GPS works perfectly. Thank you so much for the good, prompt service. It actually arrived on Monday, ahead of schedule. We now find satellites from inside our house; before we had to go outside. We will keep you in mind if we have any issues with our digital cameras. Thanks again....we look forward to our European travels with our [Factory Brand]. Sally"

    J.D. in Los Angeles, CA - "I got my unit back and it works great!! better than ever! Thank you very much!!"

    Alan in Puyallup, WA - "Jim, [GPS] is here. Looks great! Many thanks.!!"  www.GoMiniGo.com"

    Fred in Gloucester Point, VA - "Just picked up the GPS. Looks great. I'm charging the battery right now. I wish all repair services did as good a job as you do. Communication, speed, and service has been absolutely outstanding. Fred"

    Connie in Lemont, IL - "Jim, I received the GPS at my office today. Works great!! Once again thank you for your help at such a reasonable price. I will recommend you in the future. Very happy customer! Connie"

    Max in Manchester, MO - "Hi Jim, My Nuvi 350 works perfectly. The switch fix is better than when the unit was new. Thanks for the prompt fix and communications. Max"

    Johnny in Houston, Ontario, Canada - "Hello Jim, I've tested the newly repaired GPS and it works great now. I'll let you know if there are any issues or general GPS questions.....Johnny"

    Dave in Ballston Spa, NY - "Jim: Thanks so much for the repair. The sound is no longer garbled. I think I will keep the audio at 80% from now on to try not to overdrive the speaker. Even at 100%, it was difficult to hear so 80% won't be that much worse. In your spare time, you might develop a clip on amplified speaker for these GPS units. ;-) The turn around time was amazing, too. I spent more time watching your site, waiting for you not to be overloaded so I could send my unit, than in actually mailing it and having it returned. Thanks again for the work you did on this. If my son or any of my friends have issues with their units, I will know just where to refer them. David. "

    Frank in San Pedro, CA - "Jim, I just received my GPS and it's working absolutely perfect!! Good job!! if I ever need any repair in the future for my digital cameras or gps, you got my business!! Thanks again! Frank"

    Judy in Harpersville, AL - "Hi Jim, I received my GPS today by Priority mail. Wow! What great service! I tried my Nuvi 350 and it acquired satellites for the first time in 4 months.Woohoo!!!! It works perfectly. Your expertise, efficiency and honesty is greatly appreciated. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and use you again in a heart beat. Thanks for everything! Judy"

    Karen in Houston, TX - "Hi, Jim, Thanks for doing such a great job fixing my garmin nuvi 350! Your communication during the process was terrific, the repaired unit was returned promptly (with updated firmware, to boot) and was very well packed. you even held off shipping for a week so i could return from an out of town trip--that's service! I have enjoyed reading your posts online about the broken switch and was thrilled to have you as an option when ours failed--much cheaper and friendlier than dealing with [Factory]. Thanks again! Feel free to post this note online, or let me know if you need a reference. I'd be glad to help. Best, Karen"

    Kregg in Tustin, CA - "Hi Jim, I got the GPS unit in the mail last Wednesday. Thanks for the quick turnaround. I used it this past weekend and the sound is back to normal. Thanks for the great service. Kregg."

    Lee in East Sandwich, MA - "Jim, Sorry for the late reply. I received the GPS and it works fine. Thanks for quick and courteous service. Cheers, Lee."

    Dieter in Rochester, NY - "Hi Jim, I got my GPS back today and it works great. Thanks for the great web site, service and communication. If you're ever in the area, call me and I'll buy you lunch. Thx again. Dieter"

    Don in Westerville, OH - "I received the GPS yesterday. It works great. Thanks for the quality work and the quick turnaround. -Don"

    Ron in West Sunbury, PA - "Thanks for the quick and excellent service. GPS working fine. Including the defective switch was informative. Surprised how small the switch is which proves that not everyone would have the talent to make this repair. Ron"

    Todd in Zanesville, OH - "Unit works great. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Thanks, Todd"

    Nick in Parsippany, NJ - "Jim, sending you some feedback. Very satisfied with the prompt and professional repair you did on my GPS unit. Beautifully done, Sir, your service is highly recommended. Best, Nick"

    Caesar in Flemington, NJ - "The GPS worked like new. Internal antenna worked fine. We are going to France the end of the week and I plan to take it with us for navigating from site to site even though we won't be driving. I plan to be more careful protecting the screen. If you ever need a reference don't hesitate to use me. Caesar"

    Thomas in Salem, NJ - "Received my unit and it is working great - thanks so much."

    Lou in Burleson, TX - "Jim, Thank you so much for the quick return of my GPS. You were recommended to me from a friend who also used your service on his GPS. Although it took me a while to get in line it was well worth the wait. I will highly recommend anyone to Sharcnet. Along with a fair price I must say I am most impressed with the communications I received from you. You let me know when the GPS was received, when you started work and when you finished the date it was shipped back to me. Quality work as well as great customer service. Can you ask for more? Thanks again, Lou"

    Hal in Villanova, PA - "Dear Jim, My GPS works better than it did new! Maybe [Factory Brand] should hire you for product development? Second thought, keep it as it is...I will come to you when I want a GPS to work right!!! Many thanks!! Hal"

    Doreen in Berwyn, PA - "Good morning Jim, Received my GPS yesterday and working better then ever. Thank you so much for the outstanding service.. you're awesome! Doreen"

    Arnie in Truckee, CA - "Jim, Thank you so much. The [GPS] looks perfect and it's working great, again. You also went above and beyond and I truly thank you for that. I'm going to sing your praises if I hear of anyone else who is having GPS issues. Arnie"

    Ed in Dewey, AZ - "Got my [GPS] back. It works like new! Fast turn-around, in and out the same day. I would recommend your service to any one. Happy to have "Izzy" back."

    Roy in Saratoga, CA - "Jim, I have received and tested the [GPS] that I sent you for repair. The speaker works well, and battery has been on successfully far past the previous battery duration. Thanks for prompt and effective service as promised. I will pass your name and site on to my [Factory Brand]-owning friends."

    Lauren in Chapel Hill, NC - "Hi Jim, I just picked it up from the post office yesterday and tried it out last night. I am thrilled! It works great. Thanks so much for your fast and thorough service on my GPS. I will definitely keep your card and recommend you to others needing GPS repair. Best regards, Lauren"

    Bill in Mission, TX - "....Received my [GPS] from you yesterday. Thanks for the quick turn around. It looks & is working great!"

    Doug in Rochester, MN - "....Hi Jim, Just to let you know that I received my [GPS] today and it works just like the day I bought. I never thought the service would be this fast. I would highly recommend your services."

    Carlos in Portland, OR - "Hi Jim, I received my GPS yesterday (Monday) in the mail. I would have gotten it on Saturday, but nobody was at the office to receive it. First thing I noticed was that the flip-up antenna hinge (the trouble spot) felt a lot tighter and sturdier. I turned the GPS on. Even indoors, it locked on to satellites in no time. It could not find satellites at all before I sent it to SHARCNET. I transferred all my waypoints to the GPS and it is now in perfect working order! My wife, who thought it would never work again, was happily surprised on the way to work this morning. It didn't lose its satellite connection at all! Thank you so much for your service, Jim! I'm sure that many satisfied customers share my sentiments. Sincerely, Carlos"

    Lana in Huntersville, NC - "Thank you, Jim... We received the GPS safe and sound. Appreciate your care in fixing and packaging it for return. It works awesome and we are SO pleased!! Thank you for your prompt and excellent service as well! Your business intregrity is impeccable, and we will definitely refer you to any of our friends / family who may have possible GPS issues in the future. Thanks again, and may you have a blessed Christmas season! Sincerely, Chuck & Lana"

    Ben in Cave Creek, AZ - "Jim, I received my [Factory Brand] on Fri., 6 Nov and tried it and it seemed to work perfectly. I am very pleased with the repair turn time on my unit. I have your email address on file should I or any of my friends have a need for your services. Thank you, Ben"

    George in Macon, GA - "Jim, the GPS arrived yesterday and works perfectly. Thanks for your help in getting this repaired and back to me so fast."

    Scott in Duluth, GA - "Jim, Everything on my repaired Nuvi 350 seems to check out just fine! Took a while to get the initial satellite lock, though that was a first time only thing. Somehow said it was in safe mode the other day, but I canceled that and all appears to be working perfectly. Many and sincere thanks for fixing it! I will be recommending you to friends that find that they have GPS (or camera) problems. I very much appreciate the personal touch you provided me. Can't believe the tiny little diode you taped to my return that was the cause of the problem! Many thanks! Scott."

    Curtis in Beaverton, OR - "Hi Jim, Per your request for feedback once I received my GPS back. You did an awesome job not only for the actual repair but also with communicating throughout the whole process. My fixed GPS works great & I am one extremely pleased customer. I will definitely use you again. Do you repair items other than GPS's? Thanks again for everything. Regards, Curtis."

    Sam in Cave Creek, AZ - "Thank you for your great work. And thanks for fixing the on off switch. I received the gps today and everything looks great. Sam."

    Wayne in Clayton, NC - "Jim, (GPS] arrived in good shape and is now performing very well. Quicker satellite acquisition than I recall. I'm sending it along to our daughter with your business card should further issues develop. Thanks for your quick fix. Regards, Wayne."

    Dick in Apache Junction, AZ - "Jim: Received the unit this morning. It looks great and I'll check out the operation first thing next week. It fired right up and let me navigate thru several windows. All appears to be well. Thank you very much for your service and the way you conduct your business. I seriously doubt that we would get that kind of service from [Factory Brand]! I will certainly help spread the word of what you offer! Dick."

    Gary in Cerritos, CA - "Thank You, Thank You! You're service was everything you stated in the website. I will let ALL my friends (I'm a moderator on a couple of RV web sites) know about you guys. You ROCK!! Thanks, Gary.."

    Refeekh in Pleasanton, CA - "Hi Jim, I received the GPS and everything looks good. Thank you so much for you excellent service. Regards, Refeekh."

    Martin in Scotch Plains, NJ - "Works great. Thanks Jim."

    Avery in Brookline, MA - "Jim, Couldn't find where on your site to leave feedback -- wanted to let you know that I got the GPS unit today, and of course, it works like new. Thanks so much. Your website and your service is really too good to be true. Avery."

    Larion in Linville, VA - "..... Thanks for the fast repair turn around in your shop and despite the USPS. I did get the GPS before we left for our Thanksgiving travels and "Lola" did great yesterday as we traveled over a 1000 miles. The touch screen worked flawlessly and it was so nice to have my GPS back in working order. Thanks again for your fairly priced quality repair service and I am glad you had your web page out there where I and others could find you. I would certinaly be willing to recommed you to others...... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Larion."

    Scott in Columbus, MS - "..... I received my [GPS] yesterday and took it out for a test drive... it's better than ever! Thanks for getting me back on course! Scott."

    Maureen in Dublin, CA - "Jim, I received the repaired GPS today. I have not used it yet for driving directions but I can tell you that the new glass screen and on/off switch repairs work great. The switch actually works better than it did when it was new!....Thanks, Maureen."

    Todd in Casa Grande, AZ (Repeat Customer) - "Thanks for fixing my GPS again, it's great. Todd."

    John & Celia in Corte Madera, CA - "Jim, We received the GPS yesterday, and all seems to be working well. Thanks for the work- and for keeping us posted as to status! Happy Thanksgiving! John & Celia."

    SB in Los Angeles, CA - "SHARCNET,Thank you for quickly and effectively repairing my GPS. It's as good as new! Good communication and highly recommended!."

    Jackie in West Chester, PA - "Hi, Jim- My Nuvi is back from the dead! Now I won't be bouncing around like a Roomba when I am driving in unfamiliar areas. Thank you for fixing it so quickly and cheaply. I put your business card in my files so if anyone I know has a broken GPS, I will recommend you. Enjoy the holidays, and have a safe and happy 2010. Jackie."

    Konrad in Garfield, NJ - "Everything works perfect!!! Thank you very much. You did awesome job. -Konrad."

    Adolfo in Northport, NY - "Thank you very much for so expertly repairing my Garmin 670! Happy Holidays! Adolfo."

    Pete in Newton Center, MA - "Hey Jim, Just wanted to let you know that my Nuvi is as good as new!!! I could not be happier. Thank you SO much. Definitely going to spread the word about your services - saved me many headaches and a pile of money. THANKS!! Pete."

    Dave in Mission, TX - "Hello Jim, I received my GPS today. It works great! The switch "feels" real good. Thanks again for the great service. Merry Christman, Dave."

    Gene in Madison, NJ - "Hi Jim, I want to take a moment to thank you for the fine work that you did fixing the speaker and reinforcing the on/off button on my nuvi 660 GPS. When the audio went out I figured that I'd have to replace it. I was thrilled to find your shop when I went looking for what might be wrong (nice guidance you've posted to the GPS forum, incidentally). Thanks to you I saved the several hundred dollars' difference between your modest charges and the cost of a new GPS. I'm usually the suspicious type, but there was something that rang especially true about the information on your SHARCNET website. I think that it was the fact that you are so open with information, and that you described your service clearly, without hyperbole or exagerated claims. I also have to thank you for your excellent communication during the entire process. It was comforting to know when you received my shipment, when you would finish the repair, and when you shipped the GPS back to me. Top notch service all the way. In the end, I wholeheartedly recommend SHARCNET's repair service. Kindest regards, Gene."

    Teri in Minnetonka, MN - "Jim, The unit just arrived. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the wonderful, not to mention fast service. I am going to recommend you to all of my friends. Teri."

    Dot & Leon in Mt. Crawford, VA - "Jim, We received the gps in good condition and everything seems to work well again. I must say I was a bit skeptical about getting it fixed but I am sold on your service and repair and honest work ethics! Thanks for doing a good service and saving us a cost of having to buy a new gps when all it needed was a little repair! God Bless you and Happy New Year! Dot and Leon."

    Paul in Los Altos, CA - " Jim -- I have received my [GPS] 350 back and am very happy with the results -- the price, the speed of the repair, and most of all, your clear communications. (I am a Silicon Valley "techie", so I really appreciate the detailed explanation of the problem. I also understand very well the design flaw with the power switch.) Interestingly, the unit achieved satellite lock within seconds after power on, despite being relocated clear across the country. I am a satisfied customer and am ready to recommend your services to anyone needing repair of their GPS navigator. Thank you, Paul."

    Russell in Los Angeles, CA - "Hi Jim, The GPS seems good as new. Thanks for the fine work and speedy service! Russell."

    Daniel in Waldorf, MD - "Thank you it works fine."

    Catina in Atlanta, GA - "I wanted to leave feedback, but wasn't sure where on your site to leave it. YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB JIM. My GPS is working like a charm. I loaded my new maps and it's just like brand new. YOU ROCK ! Catina."

    Lori in Wallingford, CT - "Jim...I received the GPS the other day and the on/off button is working just great. Thanks very much for the quick turn-around!!"

    Casey in Woodford, VA - "Jim, GPS made it fine and is working great. Thanks for the help and great customer support. Casey"

    Stephen in Trenton, NJ - "Hello again Jim, Dropping you a line to let you know that I received my GPS unit back from your repair in today's mail. I tried it out and all seems to be working just fine with your excellent repair service. If I or any of my friends happen to need their GPS units repaired, I will do my best to recommend you for the repair. Thanks for the repair at a reasonable price and a qiuck turn around time. Talk to you again later. Stephen."

    David in Bethesda, MD - "Dear Jim, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know our GPS arrived in yesterday's mail, in great shape. Thanks so much for the wonderful service. I have already passed your name onto several friends. Good luck in all things. David."

    Khuong in Austin, TX - "Hi Jim, I got my GPS today. It works great. Thanks for your excellent repair and good service. Khuong."

    Stefan in Austin, TX - "Hi there, While I haven't done any intensive testing, it seems to be working just fine. IT would loose a signal pretty shortly after you turned it on and it has retained a signal for a at least an hour, so that tells me that it's working perfectly fine. Thank you very much! Stefan."

    Tony in Waterford, WI - "I just want to say I am using my [GPS] for the first time ( in Dallas today in 12 inches of snow) after you replaced my touch screen. It is working great! I will certainly use your services again if need be and also spread the word to my friends. Thanks for the promt communications and professional repair."

    Bruno in Little Rock, AR - "Jim, Sorry to take so long to give an update. I have been out-of-town for awhile. I received my GPS and have use it on two occasions. The GPS now works great. Thanks for a super and fast repair. I would recommend you to anyone."

    Mark in San Diego, CA - "Jim - Received the unit on Saturday 2/6 (faster than I thought via USPS) and I am very pleased with the repairs. What can I say? Fast, reliable service with extraordinary communication about and during the process. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know having a problem with their GPS. Thanks and cheers! - Mark."

    Ron in Rialto, CA - "Jim, My Garmin-680 arrived approx 10:30 AM PST California time and have checked it out. As stated, You have fixed (replaced) LCD Screen and made other notable upgrades as promised. Unit is, again, working GREAT !!! Have checked all of my previously saved POI's from here in the United States as well as in Panama and all are intact as you had promised they would be... My wife and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being able to save all of our points... Again, Thank you and I will be sharing this with other friends of mine who upon occasion, have needed their units reworked/repaired and didn't know where to turn to and have gone forth and purchased new units especially when [Factory has such a nasty habit of ignoring its customer base - sometimes... Thanks Again, my friend - Ron & Bedalia."

    Ruud in Longboat Key, FL - "The GPS arrived Thank you. A quick look shows it is finding the satelites again. If I notice any problem in using it, I let you know Looks like a good job and good service. Once more thanks. Ruud."

    Gordon in Elmhurst, IL - "Jim, I have received the GPS unit back and it works great! Thanks and well done, Gordon."

    John in Rochester, WA - "Jim, Got my Garmin 680 back and installed. Works great!! I really appreciate your help. All of your instructions were very precise and accurate, and at a very reasonable cost. You will definitely get referrals from me if anyone needs your type of services. Thanks again, Sincerely, John."

    Steve in Muskego, WI - "Jim, I received the GPS yesterday and used it for a few hours. Everything worked great. Thanks for the quick turn around! I am very happy with the service. Steve."

    Tom in Redding, CA - "Hi Jim, Received GPS today, Turned it on and it worked great. Thank you very much. Service was great and turn around time was very good. Tom."

    Tim in Placentia, CA - "Hello Jim, I have received my GPS back and have used it a few time snow. I am quite happy with the repair. It was both very timely and well priced. I appreciate you getting my unit back to me so quickly and also having the firmware updated. Regards, Tim."

    Long in Huntington Beach, CA - "Hi Jim, Thank you for repairing my Garmin Nuvi 650. With a new touchscreen, my GPS is now working perfectly. I am very satisfied with your great service: Expert, professional, reasonable, and honest. I wil certainly recommend you to my friends when they need this service. Long."

    Rob in La Mesa, CA - "Received it yesterday. Works like new. If I keep it away from the cat it may even stay that way (long story). If not, I will use your service again. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks, Rob Struble."

    Joe in Hawthorne, CA - "Got it! It only took a few seconds to locate the satellites. Thank you for the great service. I tried contacting [Factory] twice using their online email form. They never responded. It's just horrible that they would produce a defective product and then ignore people who inquire about getting it fixed. I've added a review on yelp. Maybe you'll get some extra business from it. The review should show up in a couple of days. Joe."

    Brian in Upton, MA - "Jim, The GPS units arrived on Thursday and my wife was fortunately home to get the package. They work great. Thanks for your great, prompt service. I've already advocated for you to several other coleauges at work, so you will likely get more business at some time in the future. Best regards, Brian."

    Robert in Jupiter, FL - "Thanks Jim, Great job!"

    Dhruv in Anaheim, CA - "Thanks, it works great. Dhruv"

    Ron in Bay City, MI - "Got it, it works again, TY"

    John in Greenville City, SC - "James, Another satisfied customer here. SHARCNET repaired my unit on budget and on schedule. Perhaps you could instruct our government on how to conduct operations. Thanks."

    Mark in Arlington, VA - "Jim, I got the unit and it's working perfectly. Thanks for being so responsive and doing exactly what you promised with an extremely quick turnaround. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks! Mark."

    Ed in Coraopolis, PA - "Hi Jim, I received my GPS yesterday and used it today. The power switch is working like it did when it was new. The unit did take a rather long time to acquire satellites but eventually got positioned. I restarted it and the second time it was faster. Thanks for the service, Ed."

    Tom in Sinking Spring, PA - "Hi Jim, I picked up my GPS today and gave it a try. I was very satisfied with the repair you did. Everything is working great. Thanks for the fast repair turn around and quality work. Tom."

    ————————————— Free Online Customer Support Feedback —————————————

    Problem: No Detailed Maps Error: "I got it Thank you ! Thank you , Thank you!!!!!!!!!! - Bob"

    Problem: No Detailed Maps Error: "Jim, Thank you, thank you! It worked like a charm, it will be good to have our gps back for travels! - Tracy"

    Problem: No Detailed Maps Error: "JIM IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP....BOB THERE IS NICE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Problem: Screen Calibration: " Just wanted to say thanks for the post on the screen re-cal. It was the second time I've had this problem, the first was an hour+ on the phone with Garmin tech support. You posting was exactly right and took 5 min. Thanks! - Greg
    Please feel free to fill out a Repair Request/Quote Form, which is located at the bottom of the left-hand menu. I'll be more than happy to discuss your GPS problem with you and attempt to offer a possible solution to have the problem resolved

    Best wishes & safe travels to all of my customers.
    - Jim

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