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This document is a PDF copy of the original 1994 document received from the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) then Atlantic Director, Hugh Turnbull, W3ABC. Mr. Turnbull acknowledges to SHARC Founding President, KA3EBX that he enjoyed the "initial" issue of "The Mariner". "The Mariner" was South Hills Amateur Radio Club's first club newsletter. The name of the newsletter was chosen by KA3EBX. A former club president and newsletter editor (Ronald J. Notarius, WN3VAW) of another "South Hills" club, the Wireless Association of South Hills, aka WASH, alleges that "The Mariner" was his creation and his trademark. This is simply untrue. Mr. Notarius joined South Hills Amateur Radio Club in 1995, well after the initial club newsletter was created and published. We will be posting Mr. Notarius' initial application to SHARC to show when he joined. This document speaks for itself.

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