Inspired by the original bylaws created by founding Club Secretary, Steve Hunter - N3MAA
Printed with permission.




We the people, wishing to secure for ourselves the enjoyment and the additional knowledge with the fellowship and camaraderie of persons of interest in the field of science of radio, commonly known as "Amateur Radio". Therefore, we hereby constitute and shall now be known as South Hills Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

We hereby enact with this constitution and associated bylaws and its amendments as our basis of self government, and do pledge to uphold them as our purpose of operation. It shall be our mission to further the knowledge, and individual operating efficiency, and general interest in Amateur Radio, and to promote fraternalism, professionalism, and good will to all, along with serving the communities and assisting the other members of our Amateur Radio society.


  • To foster and encourage development of Amateur Radio and associated sciences.
  • To better promote understanding between the general public and Amateur Radio operators.
  • To promote friendly relations with other countries of the world.
  • To be of service to our country, and our community at all times.
  • To promote assistance with regional Amateur Radio clubs.
  • To promote and be examples of professional communicators to others, including the public.
  • To have fun while doing all of the above.



  1.  The name of this organization shall be as shown: South Hills Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (SHARC INC.) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - a non-profit Corporation.

1.1  The official name of the above organization and associated logo was created by its co-founder, James C. Mounts - KA3EBX.

1.1.1  No modification or change shall be made to the official name and its associated logo, without the expressed written consent of the co-founder above.

1.2  The official mailing address of the above organization shall be the address of the co-founder above.

1.2.1  No modification or change shall be made to the official mailing address without the expressed written consent of the co-founder above.



2.   Applicants must show eligibility for membership and voting rights as follows:

2.1  Resident of the United States of America, regardless of age, sex, religion, race or license level.

2.2  Not a member of any subversive organization.

2.3  Qualify under one of the following classes:

2.3.1  A Member in Good Standing (referred to as General Members) - a licensed Amateur Radio operator.

2.3.2  Associate Member - anyone interested in Amateur Radio.

2.3.3  Honorary Member - as confirmed by the governing body and approved by the general members.

2.4  Voting Privileges

2.4.1  All Members in Good Standing shall have voting and officiating privileges.

2.4.2  Associate Members and Honorary Members shall not have the right to vote, nor the right to officiate.

2.5  Termination of Membership

2.5.1  Memberships shall be terminated for willful non payment of dues, or resignation of the member. Withdrawal of membership by the governing body automatically terminates any and all claims on club activities, property, equipment, or assets.



3.  The Officers and Coordinators of the Corporation shall consist of the following The Board of Directors - which consists of the President, the Senior Vice President, and the Junior Vice President; and The Cabinet - which consists of the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Public Relations Officer, and Chief Technical Officer. There shall also be at least (2) two coordinators consisting of, but limited to, Frequency Spectrum Coordinator, and VE Liaison.

3.1  All officers and coordinators must be Members in Good Standing.

3.2  The name of the governing body shall be The Board of Directors and shall consist of (3) three or (5) five select persons (depending upon membership). The Board of Directors consists of an odd number to prevent a deadlock.

3.3  Powers and Duties. The Board of Directors (as a body and not individual select persons) shall be the governing body of the club with all necessary powers and authority, including but not restricted to:

3.3.1  recommend persons of honorary membership, appoint an auditing committee, appoint a member to fill the vacancy of any office, appoint coordinators,

3.3.2  and with the general membership's approval, authorize the payment of expenses incurred for club purposes, authorize the purchase and/or disposal of club property (i.e. equipment, supplies, materials), and withdrawal for cause, the membership of any member of the club.

3.4  The offices of the Secretary, and Treasurer will answer to and remain subject to the Board of Directors.

3.5  All members of the Board of Directors will be required to be role models for the general body of the club.

3.6  No one person shall be able to hold more than (2) two offices/coordinator seats, or have (2) two Board of Directors seats.

3.7  Offices of Public Relations Officer, and Chief Technical Officer, are elected by the general membership.

3.8  The Coordinators of special interest groups will be assigned by the Board of Directors members.

3.9  Any officer or coordinator may be removed from office for cause upon motion of any Member of Good Standing, at any regular club meeting. Such motion to be effective, must receive at least 3/4 affirmative votes of all Members of Good Standing in attendance, excluding the person or persons under consideration.



4.  Following is the basic outline of duties.

4.1 President.

4.1.1  Elected for a (1) one year term, but not more than (3) three consecutive terms, and not more than (6) six total terms.

4.1.2  Shall preside over all club meetings and Board of Director members and officers.

4.1.3  Shall have in possession during all club meetings the following club owned items: a gavel, a copy of this Constitution/Bylaws, a copy of Roberts Rules, and a copy of FCC Part 97, and should be familiar with their contents.

4.1.4  Shall with other Board of Directors members in agreement appoint special interest group coordinators, and oversee the Audit Committee.

4.2  Senior Vice President.

4.2.1  Elected for (1) one year term, but not more than (2) two consecutive terms and not more than (6) six total terms.

4.2.2  Shall preside at all club and Board of Directors meetings.

4.2.3  Assist the President with their duties.

4.2.4  Preside over meetings in the absence of the President.

4.3  Junior Vice President.

4.3.1  Elected for (1) one year term, with no term restrictions.

4.3.2  Shall preside at all club functions.

4.3.3  Assist President with their duties, or as assigned.

4.3.4  Shall attend to proxy votes and maintain such records.

4.3.5  Assist Secretary with newsletter.

4.4  Secretary.

4.4.1  Elected for (1) one year term with no term restrictions.

4.4.2  Shall take and keep the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings and club meetings.

4.4.3  Shall read the minutes at the meetings.

4.4.4  Shall handle all club correspondence.

4.4.5  Shall act as newsletter editor.

4.4.6  Shall be responsible for the distribution of the club newsletter.

4.5  Treasurer.

4.5.1  Elected for (1) year term with no term restrictions.

4.5.2  Shall take and keep correct records of all receipts, disbursements, bank balances, et cetera.

4.5.3  Shall prepare and present at the club's business meeting a complete financial statement.

4.5.4   Annually at the Board of Director’s Meeting in November, shall present the records, books of account, bank statements, etc., to the Auditing Committee for audit.

4.6  Public Relations Officer.

4.6.1  Elected for (2) two year term with no term restrictions.

4.6.2  Cannot be a Board of Directors Member, except when a member of the Board of Directors is unable to complete term, and only for a total of six (6) months.

4.6.3  Shall oversee the general operation of the club to ensure the actions are within the framework of the Constitution / Bylaws and Amendments.

4.6.4  Shall preside at all club and Board of Director’s meetings.

4.6.5  Shall be the clubs political action officer, presenting the general membership with upcoming political information, US Congress members information.

4.6.6  Shall oversee public relations, and act as spokesperson for the club.

4.6.7  Shall act as liaison for the club to outside professionals/officials.

4.6.8  Shall act as membership officer, presenting new members, and withdraw of membership to the Board of Directors.

4.7  Chief Technical Officer.

4.7.1  Elected for (1) one year term with no term restrictions.

4.7.2  Shall control and coordinate all social activities, as well as Field Day, and other events as directed by the Board of Directors.

4.7.3  Shall recommend, oversee, and present all club property, and/or equipment to the general membership for club use, if applicable, and keep associated information and records.

4.7.4  Oversee and control all aspects of security needed by the club, and act under the direction of the Board of Directors.

4.7.5  Shall keep accurate records of all club owned property and equipment.

4.8  Coordinators.

4.8.1  Shall be appointed and also removed from office by the Board of Directors.

4.8.2  Appointee shall also be able to withdraw from office, at the next business meeting.

4.8.3  Shall work their committees as they see best for the club's interest.

4.8.4  Shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors for furthering the radio art.



5.  Nominations, Elections and Installation of the Officers shall be as follows:

5.1  At the club's regular business meeting in October, the general membership shall nominate the offices which are due for election on that cycle.

5.2  The nomination and election process of qualified officers will be overseen by both the Public Relations Officer and assisted by the Chief Technical Officer.

5.3  The election will take place during the November business meeting, with the results read aloud.

5.4  All officers and coordinators shall serve until their successors have been duly nominated, elected, and installed.

5.5  Installation of the officers will occur 0001, January 1, of the year following their election and installation. The outgoing officer shall completely brief the new officer as to the status of their post.



6.  Board of Directors Meetings.

6.1  The meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at the call of the President after the first meeting of the month.

6.2  Special meetings may be convened at the President's initiative, or at the request of (2) two or more Board of Directors members. Due and timely notice of which shall be given to all Board of Director’s Quorum members, and it shall specify the business to be conducted at such meeting. No other business shall be conducted at such special meeting.

6.3  Quorum shall consist of all Board of Directors members, Public Relations Officer, the Treasurer, and/or Secretary.

6.3.1 Amended Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all meetings.

6.4  During the October meeting of the Board of Directors, (3) three Members in Good Standing shall be appointed to an auditing committee to examine the books and records of the club Treasurer.

6.4.1  The auditing committee shall render its' report at the December Board of Director’s and club business meeting.

6.5  In the event of any vacancy of an office, a member shall be appointed to serve the remainder of the term, or a special election shall be held at the next business meeting.

6.5.1  If the vacancy is less than or equal to 4 months than the appointment is eligible, if greater than special elections will be enacted by the general membership.



7.  Club Meetings

7.1  The business meeting is to be held on the fourth Thursday of every month, barring acts of God or change by the Board of Directors (which is to be approved by the general membership).

7.2  The meetings shall begin at exactly 1900 local time with the following preliminary event intact: a moment of silence for <SK>.

7.2.1  Amended Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the meetings.

7.3  The Quorum for business transactions shall consist of a minimum of 25% of the general membership.

7.4  No profane or obscene language is to be used during the business meetings.

7.4.1  Any offender will be assessed ($1) one dollar per violation payable to the club Treasurer, enforced by the Senior or Junior Vice President, payable at the end of the meeting.

7.5  Speaker of the Floor shall come to the front of the group to be heard.

7.6  During business meetings membership action will be brought to the general membership.

7.7  Any recordings of the meetings shall be for the Secretary's use only, to be used in preparation of the minutes.

7.8  The business meetings shall not be used as a forum to publicly air personal grievances against another member, officer or visitor.

7.8.1  Any offender will be given (1) warning, during the meeting by a member of the Board of Directors. A repeated violation during the same meeting, will result in the suspension of the offender’s membership for a period of one year, without refund of membership dues.



8.  Dues and Fees

8.1  The following dues schedule applies for all Members in Good Standing and Associate Members:

8.1.1  The amount specified by the Board of Directors annually at the November Board of Director’s meeting and approved by the general membership at the club's business meeting in December.

8.1.2  Dues are payable on January 1 of each year.

8.1.3  New members pay prorated amounts.

8.1.4  All existing members pay full dues.

8.2  Honorary members are exempt from paying club dues for life.

8.3  Members under the age of 18 and age 65 and over shall pay one-half of regular club membership dues.

8.4  Dues unpaid for (3) three months shall cause automatic cancellation of membership in the club. Payment in full of all past dues shall reinstate the membership.

8.4.1  Family members of a Member in Good Standing shall pay 20% (rounded up toward the nearest whole dollar) of regular club membership dues.



9.  The Chief Technical Officer shall maintain an accurate list of all club property, equipment, supplies and materials. Said list shall be reviewed and updated at the January Board of Director’s meeting.

9.1  Club property and equipment shall be entrusted to the Chief Technical Officer for care and safekeeping.

9.2  No club property, equipment, supplies, or materials shall be used or removed without written permission of the Chief Technical Officer.

9.3  Club property, equipment, supplies or materials shall be disposed of by the authority of the Board of Directors, with the general membership's approval.



10.  In the event the Corporation dissolved and the Corporation is disbanded, after all bills have been paid, the remaining assets shall be donated to a like non-profit Amateur Radio organization/corporation, determined by vote by the Members in Good Standing.

10.1  Dissolution shall only be valid by the means of a unanimous vote by all members.



11.  These Bylaws may be amended by submitting the proposed amendments in writing to the club Secretary at a regular club business meeting.

11.1  After the proposed amendment is initially read at the meeting, it must:

11.1.1  Remain as an open issue until the next business meeting.

11.1.2  Be referred to the Board of Directors for study and report.

11.2  At the club's next business meeting the proposed amendment shall be read for the second time, and action taken thereon.

11.3  Only Members in Good Standing may vote on proposed amendments.

11.4  Any proposed amendment must receive 3/4 affirmative vote of all Members in Good Standing present and voting.


The above Constitution and Bylaws of South Hills Amateur Radio Club, Inc. were created through the inspiration of the Bylaws of like organizations and suggestions of the Corporation’s founding members. The Constitution and Bylaws shall not be reduced, or deleted in part or whole by the general membership until dissolution is enacted.

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