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For ALL your Bird Equipment needs As a fully satisfied customer,
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Tim provides fast & friendly service with
excellent packaging and packing too!
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  ADC Telecommunications (data/fiber)
  All Electronics Corporation (components)
  Alltronics (components)
  American Innovations Inc.
  AMP Incorporated (connectors)
  Amphenol (connectors)
  Andrew (coax/heliax)
  Astec (powers supplies)
  Axcera (TV transmitters)

  Belden Cable (coax/wire)
  B.G. Micro (kits)
  Bird Wattmeter Equipment (NM3E.COM)
  Bourns (components)
  Brigar Electronics

  CAMRPC Electronics (components)
  Carl's Electronics (kits)
  C & K Switches
  Circuit Specialists Inc.
  Corcom (line filters)

  Digi-Key Corporation (components)
  Dynawave Corporation

  Electronics-Plus (kits)
  Electronics USA (kits)
  Electronix Express
  Elenco Electronics

  Fair Radio Sales (components)
  Fujitsu Semiconductor (components)

  Gateway Electronics              Top of List
  Gibson Tech Ed, Inc. (kits)
  Greyhill Switches

  Hallbar (kits)
  Harris Corporation
  Hitachi (components)
  Hobbytron (kits)
  HSC Electronic Supply

  Information Unlimited (kits)

  Jameco Electronics (components)
  JDR Microdevices (components)

  Kits-r-us (kits)

  Leff Electronics (components)

  MCM Electronics (components)
  Mitsubishi (components)
  Molex (connectors)
  Motron Electronics
  Mouser Electronics (components)

  National Semiconductor (components)
  NEC Corporation (components)
  Newark Electronics (components)
  Nicad Lady (batteries)
  NM3E.COM - Bird Wattmeter Equipment

  Ohmite Resistors (components)
  Pericom Semiconductors (components)
  Philips Electronics (components)
  Polaris Industries

  Quality Kits (kits)
  Quasar Electronics (kits)

  Radio Store Plus (kits)
  Rainbow Kits (kits)             Top of List
  Ramsey Electronics Inc. (kits)
  Richey Electronics (hardware)
  Robot Store (kits)
  Roger's Systems Specialist

  Sager Electronics (components)
  Sylvania (components)

  Top Secret Consumer Electronics
  Toshiba Semiconductor (components)
  TTI Incorporated (components)


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