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Hi James and all, Just a short e-mail to let you
know I received the pen and certificate this past
week. Your club is doing a great job there, and I
just wanted to thank you for the attention. Wish our
club had more interest from the members as your
members have. Thanks again, 73, and hope to cul on
the HF bands.
Dwight E. Brown - AD5DX (Harrison, AR)
PS. I'm a member of OMISS net, #4772. Excellent net for WAS
contacts. 73
Hi Dwight, Thank you for the very nice email! Glad all arrived ok!
I just got my HF gear hooked back up again after being inactive on
the lowbands for a while, except for field day. I have heard the OMISS
net and tried to check in one night, but when I keyed the mike to respond
to the NCS after calling him, I popped the circuit breaker on my power
supply. Seems I had an antenna problem which caused the rig to pull
excessive current. I put up one of the club's G5RV's and all has been
FB since. I will try to check in again and also check out their web site.
Again, thanks for participating in our special event. Hope to work you again
on the HF bands! Best wishes!, Jim - KA3EBX

Yesterday I received my nifty certificate, pen, and copy of
your club newsletter (by "priority mail" - WOW!),
Thank you for all; To say that you are a "class act" would be an
understatement. I certainly am thankful that I was able to work you
during your recent club anniversary Special Event!
Good luck and keep up the good work (it seems certain that you will)!
73, Earl C. - N1VP (Cape Coral, FL)
Hi Earl! Thank you for your very kind feedback! It was certainly a pleasure
to work you during our special event. Best wishes, and we hope to work you
again soon!

GREAT Issue Guys !!! ( some SERIOUS time went into that)
VERY nice tribute to Ron. Tnx fer sharing it !
I also will Pass on the info about your special
event station to the "Beaver Valley Brigade"
Mark - N3NOO
Thanks Mark! - SHARC Mariner staff

Hello, Thank you Jim. I will start practicing this summer.
Keep up the great work. Hope all is well and
you are in the best of health.
73 N3TBK - Chuck
Thanks Chuck! We hope you are well too! If we can help you in way,
just let us know!

I just checked out your web page and I think you did a great job. I like it.
I really enjoy being a sub member of the club. I really enjoy the club. I
realize that I am not a paying member, but sort of feel that I am when I
became a part of SHARC when I did the net. I felt like a part of the club.
Keep up the good work.
73, de Bob - KA3WUA
Thanks Bob, we certainly appreciate those kind words. We would love to have
you do the net again. We'll have to see if we can start one up again soon!

You have a nice web page, and a little girl that I know your proud of......
Richard - N9ONV
Thanks Richard! You have a very nice website yourself!
Yep, she's Daddy's little girl!

Greetings, Below you'll find a link to my Club Site, please stop by
and check it out and sign into the LogBook and let me know you were
there! I saw your site listed on Tracerlock, (notification service) and really
enjoyed my visit!
`73 de KD5BJX - Cindy Lou '- Greenhorn Club
I checked out your site Cindy, and it's a great one!
Glad you enjoyed your visit with us! Come back and visit us again real soon!

With great interest, I have read your page of the repeater, KA3EBX.
I am also involved in the maintenance of the local repeater PI3ALK
and PI2ALK, 2 meter and 70 cm. To gain more knowledge, I started
a search about repeaters and operation on the net and found your
page. As an antenna, you use the G7-144, but looking for more info
on this antenna failed. If you have some info available, please be
so kind to send it to me, since the antenna is recommended by a lot
of repeater operators. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.
Frans - PA2FAP (Netherlands)
I've sent you all the info Frans! It's a very good antenna. Best of luck
with your repeaters! Come back and visit us again real soon!

Hi Jim, Just checking out your web site. Your daughter is a beautiful
little girl and so is your girlfriend. In the planning stages of putting
up HF beam. Bought two more sections of tower. That will take my
tower to 50 foot mark. I should be able to lay down one hell of a
signal in this area. Were going to have to do lunch or dinner
sometime. Catch you later!
Karl - WE3Y
Many thanks Karl! Hey! can we rent some space on that tower? :)
Sounds like it's really going to take over the airwaves! Bernie and I
enjoyed dinner at Al's Cafe with you, and shooting the breeze. Let's
do it again real soon!

I am a new member of the Amateur Radio WebRing. I happened to surf
upon your cool site. I am really impressed with your use of color and graphics.
Plus the links were cool and very useful.
Ken - WD9GNG
Many thanks Ken! Glad we could be of service to you!

Nice web page!
Dave - N3IDH
Thanks Dave. The group here sure does appreciate it.
Hope we can hook up sometime on the 145.130 or 442.500 MHz repeaters.

Saw you on the Radio Conference 2 chat room tonite.
Looked up your profile and saw your web page address. Nice page.
I'm going to ask our web page designer and owner to take a look at yours.
Take a look at amateur radio in Polk County, Florida (half way between Tampa
and Orlando). The page was prepared by a member of our radio club, the
Lakeland Amateur Radio Club, in Lakeland, FL, by the id of AJ4Y, Paul.
73's Fred - KE6ZX
Thanks Fred for those very nice comments!
We'll be sure to check out your web page, and we'll add it to our
Amateur Radio club links area.

Hey! How's it going? I'm here. I checked out your web page.
It's pretty boring. No, just kidding. No, it is pretty cool.
How did you get that [Commodore 64] on there? I bet you drew it.
Things are going pretty good here. I'm busy part of the time - sometimes all of the time.
Bought an Amiga 1200 - a little more powerful than the old one.
They're supposed to come out with some bigger ones yet.
Anyway, write back moron! Rick - KA3QOJ
Thanks Rick! Actually, it's a animated GIF graphic of the
Commodore 64 start-up screen. Good luck with the new Amiga, maybe you'll
learn how to program this one...(hi-hi). You keep in touch too...moron.... :)

Hey, Did those boxes ever show up? I sent them on Thursday.
I have been working two jobs so life has been wild.
I went to NAB and there was a guy there who knew you!
I saw the ITS transmitters. Pretty cool. They are pretty big.
Saw your web page, that was pretty neat too. Jeff - KB3W
Thanks Jeff! Yes I received all of the repeater gear. Many thanks!
The gear is just what the doctor ordered to make our machines #1!
Well, if it was ITS you saw at the NAB show, they better know me! You probably saw
several products I co-designed. Thanks for your comment on the web page.
Seems a lot of people like it, and it's getting very popular.


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