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After great consideration, SHARCNET-USA has decided to no longer sell parts or provide DIY (do-it-yourself) repair information. There are several reasons for this.

1. The majority of our profits are made through our repair business. In some instances, the wrong parts are ordered and have to be exchanged. Selling parts just takes up too much of our time that could be spent otherwise performing repairs. The selling of parts also repeatedly depletes our stock for customer repairs.

2. We have no knowledge of the technical background or skills of those who purchase parts from us. We have had instances where customers declined to use our repair services and chose to order parts from us to repair their devices themselves. They assured us they were qualified to perform the repairs.

Shortly afterward, some of those customers have called us or sent us emails asking us to walk them through the entire repair procedure over the phone. Some have called to tell us that they have accidently broken the replacement part or something else in their device during the process and wanted us to repair/replace the damgaged item(s), free of charge. We can not be held responsible for damages caused by the customer.

3. We are also concerned about safety issues. Working with any open electronic device can pose a hazardous risk if certain saftey rules and procedures are not followed.

4. We have also had individuals that have asked us for our help but who were actually Technicians for another shop, trying to obtain repair information/repair techniques/part vendor sources from us. As a result, we will not provide any part vendor information or divulge any proprietary repair techniques, as it would be clearly detrimental to our business. Any requests for parts, service information and/or part vendor information will not be answered. Sorry but there are NO exceptions.

5. Many of the repair services that we provide, require the use of special tools and/or test equipment. Without access to these resources, it makes the repair process literally impossible to perform. We are also unable to loan out any tools and/or test equipment to customers.

6. We've been flooded with emails from people who have opened up their GPS in an attempt to fix one problem but in the process, have made matters much worse, by breaking something else in addition to the original problem. We prefer not to work on units that have been opened and/or tampered with by the customer, as additional damage unknowingly, may have occurred, which may affect the accuracy of our original quote. When these units are sent to us, often there are parts that are missing and/or damaged. We've just had too many instances where additional damage has occurred and the customer expected us to repair all of the damage they caused under the price of our original quote.

7. Finally, we have had several requests from individuals, law firms and repair shops, wishing to purchase service documents on specific products. We do not possess any interconnects, block diagrams, schematics or service manuals for any of the products that we service. These type of documents are considered proprietary information and would only be available to the manufacturer's staff or factory authorized service centers.

We highly recommend that you allow us to repair your device for you. We have over 30 years of technical experience in the Electronics industry. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and we guarantee our work.

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