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A lost or missing map problem is typically an issue created by the GPS owner, when they have deleted their map file.

This usually happens when an owner tries to add an additional map to their GPS or tries to delete MP3 and/or picture files.

We can not stress enough how important it is to backup EVERY file on your GPS to your PC and/or CD ROM. This way, if you ever accidently delete ANY file from your GPS, you'll have a backup file to get your GPS back up and running in no time.

If you want to add additional maps to your GPS, please put them on an SD card.

Ok, so now what do you do when you've accidentally deleted your GPS's map file?

Our first recommendation is to contact the manufacturer and explain what happened. We have heard from other GPS owners that the manufacturer has sent them a replacement map file. All you have to do is drop this file into your GPS's directory.

The map file is a large file, around 1 Gigabyte, so if the manufacturer sends you the file via email, you'll need to have a email account that will allow you to receive a file that large. If they provide a download link, be patient, as it may take up to an hour to download, depending upon your type of Internet connection.

No Matches Found Error

If you receive this error when trying to type in an address or search for a point of interest (POI), most likely, your map has been turned off. On G-Brands, To turn it back on, press the wrench/settings symbol, then select the map icon and then the "Map Info" button. Make sure that the map that you have has a checkmark in the box next to the map listing. If it's not checked, then check it and try entering in another address or POI.

Can't Unlock Map Error

This problem is typically caused by a failed map upgrade where the map unlock code wasn't installed on the GPS.

No Detailed Maps Error

Ok, so your Nuvi was working just fine and the next time you turned it on, you are shocked to get the following error:

"No Detailed Maps Found that Support Routing. The GPS Can Not be Used Without Them"

What does this mean? Did you lose your maps? No, not necessarily. This error is usually caused by either a corrupted or missing map unlock code or missing or corrupted map.

The map unlock code is a code that consists of a combination of numbers and letters. You should have been given this number when you registered your unit. This code MUST be included in your GPS's directory to unlock the map, each time you turn your GPS on.

If you can't find your unlock code, please email us at sharcnet-usa AT sharc DOT net and we can help you find it. It is usually located within a file on your GPS.

To be able to resolve this problem, you will need a to have a mini-USB to USB cable to connect your GPS to your PC. This cable may have been included with your Nuvi. If not, you can purchase one at Best Buy.

It will also be helpful if you have an instant messenger program like AIM Messinger or Yahoo Messinger, so we can chat in real time rather that go back and forth with emails.

Our AIM, KIK, Skype, Talk & Yahoo screename is SHARCNETUSA.

If you would like for us to repair this problem for you, please see our price list HERE.

*** NOTICE ***


WARNING!!! Taking your GPS apart requires the right tools. There are internal flex ribbon cables for the antenna, touch screen and LCD screen. These cables are very delicate and can be torn easily if you're not careful. The antenna flex ribbon cable runs through the swivel antena shaft and is very delicate. In addition, these devices contain components that are sensitive to static discharges and can be damaged without using the proper grounding techniques. Please do not attempt to make this repair yourself unless your are qualified to do so. We have received numerous emails from people who have gouged and cracked their GPS's case and permanently damaged their GPS's LCD screen and antenna! Save yourself the aggravation and possible damage to your GPS by allowing us to repair your GPS for you.

Please feel free to fill out a Repair Request/Quote Form, which is located at the bottom of the left-hand menu. We'll be more than happy to discuss your GPS problem with you and attempt to offer a possible solution to have the problem resolved.

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