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Factory or SHARCNET-USA?

So, what makes our repair services better than the factory? Consider the following:

  • No Long Waits on the Phone

    We've heard from a lot of customers, that the typical wait on the phone with the factory's customer service line is between 30 minutes to an hour. We've also heard that emails are not answered for several days or even not at all.

  • Factory Customer Service Representatives are not Electronics Technicians or Engineers

    When you deal with SHARCNET-USA, you are dealing directly with the individuals who will actually be repairing your unit. Many factory customer service representatives try to diagnose your problem using a stock script. We don't use or need a script. We use our many years of experience to properly diagnose your GPS problem.

  • We Don't Send Back Refurbished Units

    When SHARCNET-USA repairs your unit, you will be getting back your unit and not a refurbished unit. A refurbushed unit is a unit that was previously owned by another customer, which developed a problem and was sent in for repair. In most cases, a factory refurbished unit will have a clean memory, meaning all of your favorites and saved settings on your original unit have been lost. That won't happen with us. We've also heard reports that sometimes refurbished units may have additional problems causing the customer to unfortunately have to return the unit once again to the factory. Do you really want someone elses problems? Click [HERE] and [HERE] for more information about refurbished units

  • It's Important to Understand Why a Unit has Failed

    We understand the cause of GPS failures. As Engineers, we develop solutions that prevent these problems from happening again. A good example of this is our well-known switch repair. The factory will send you a refurbished unit with the same switch design problem, whereas, we understand the reason why the switch failed and our solution prevents it from happening again.

  • Quality of Parts

    Since we understand what causes component failures, we can then choose and use parts that have a higher rating than the original part. Looking at our repair logs, we see repair trends that indicate that there has been a high failure of components such as speakers, touchscreens, switches and other components. We then determine why these parts have failed. In many cases, it's because these parts were operating at the maximum ratings without any headroom. We however, choose parts with higher ratings in our repairs. So, why doesn't the factory do this? Well consider this - if a 1W (1 Watt) GPS speaker costs the factory $1.00 and it's operating at the maximum rating (1W), it may or may not fail prematurely. You would think it would make more sense to use a higher rated speaker, say 1.5W or 2W but the cost of the higher rated part is $2.00. Well, an extra dollar may not sound like much to you but multiply the added cost times 1 million units (they actually produce more than that) and now your looking at an added manufacturing cost of $1 millions dollars. The goal of the factory is to keep their manufacturing costs down and their profits up. The GPS market is a competitive market.

  • Communication

    When you send your unit to us for repair, we'll send you an email confirming its arrival. Once your unit has been repaired, we'll send you another email letting you know that your unit is about to be shipped back and we'll provide you with all of tracking information and a description of what we performed on your unit as well any additional issues we found. You're just not going to get that type of personal service from the factory.

  • Follow-up Questions?

    If you should have any follow-up questions, you'll be able to contact us and have your questions answered by the same individuals that repaired your unit. We keep a detailed repair record on all of our customers, so we'll be familiar with your unit and what was performed on it. You won't be transfered from department to department, having to explain your problem over and over again.

  • Continued Product Support

    Let's face it. The GPS manufacturers want you to buy a new GPS rather than having your old model repaired. That's why their repair prices can cost as much as a new one. It's an effective deterrent. Finally, when they drop their repair prices significantly, it's because they want to use up all of their in-house inventory quickly, so they can make room for new inventory on the newer models. Soon after that, they'll drop the older model completely for out-of-warranty repair. Most GPS models are discontinued from being produced within a year to 2 years from the time they were introduced into the market. Be assured that SHARCNET-USA will continue to support the models that we repair.

  • Repair Pricing

    In most cases, our repair pricing is much lower than the factory. We are always reviewing our pricing structure to insure that we are competitive and provide the best repair solution possible for our customers.

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