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The following is an update from a fellow ham in Vancouver, Washington that asked for our
help in locating manuals for his RCA-500 series 440 MHz UHF repeater. We sent him
(at our expense) a copy of the complete set of UHF Repeater manuals.. free of charge.

This story is dedicated to batboard user, Jim202 (a.k.a. "Mr. Big-foot-in-mouth") from New Orleans, Louisiana (hi-hi)
who wrongfully accused our ham radio club of looking to "get rich" from selling manuals....LOL!!!
Hi Jim, (directed to the webmaster of this site)

Well, the package has arrived. Boy you did a fantastic job on putting it together. I never expected what you did. I have been telling other people here locally what you did, and they agree with me that you are a rare find; not only as an Amateur Radio operator, but also as a person! What you have done I could never thank you enough!

UPS lost it for a day. Boy they sure took their time getting it here. I thought we were going to have to call in the troops to track it down, ha-ha. I'm sure it is going to be a lifesaver, being that I'm not an electronics guru.

I'm going to be getting some help from another repeater owner. He has a box we talk on all the time, a real nice person also. He works for Oregon County as their communications director, so he is what us locals call the godfather, since he knows more than all of us other locals put together.

I think it would be great to link the two systems together some time. It will be a little while before we will have the resources to get it all put together. I still have to buy a controller with auto-patch, since I have a small budget.

I have been looking at the Micro Computers Concepts RC1000V. Its looks like the best for the money I have to spend. Its $259 + $59 for the optional rack mount enclosure. I did order my cable this week, I'm going with the new LMR-600. It has the same specifications as the 1/2" Andrew heliax hardline, but it costs a lot less. It's $149.95 for a 100ft assembly with the N connectors.

Well, onto the reading now. Send me your phone number and I will call when the controller is in place, or if I have any questions. Thank you so very much for the great work and time you put into getting me the material I needed so badly,

73s for now.
Thomas - KC7QPD

KC7QPD Repeater
443.800+ PL=100 Hz
Vancouver, Washington

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