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  A/D Technologies
  Advanced Receiver Research
  Allied Electronics
  Almost All Digital Kits
  Antennas West
  Astron Corp.
  Autek Research
  Atomic Time

  Batteries America
  Bird Electronic Corporation

  C3I Antennas
  Cable X-Perts
  Coaxial Dynamics
  Comet Antenna
  Commander Amplifiers
  Computer Automation Technology
  Connect Systems
  Cubex Quad Antenna Company

  Decibel Products
  Delta X-Ray Antennas
  Digikey Parts & Components
  Digital Communications, Inc.
  DX System Radio (antennas manufacturer)

  Electronic Switch Company
  EMR Corporation

  Firestik Antennas

  GAP Antenna Products              Top of List
  Glen Martin Towers

  HAL Communications
  Hamtronics Kits
  High Sierra Antennas

  IIX Equipment Antenna / Tower Mounts

  Kachina Communications
  Kenwood - Products
  Kenwood - Bulletins

  Larsen Electronics
  LDG Electronics
  Lightning Bolt Antennas
  Link Communications

  MAHA Communications
  Metal & Cable Corp
  Microwave Filter Company
  Mirage Amplifiers
  Motron Electronics

  National RF Inc.
  New Communications Solutions
  Nicad Lady
  Nil-Jon Antennas

  Oak Hills Research Kits

  Periphex (Advanced Battery Systems)              Top of List
  Premier Communications (ADI)
  Procom Antennas

  QRO Amplifiers

  Radio Adventures
  Radio Control Systems
  Ramsey Electronics
  RF Applications
  RF Parts Company
  R. Meyers Communications

  S&S Engineering
  SCS - Special Communications Systems
  Sinclair Radio Laboratories (now Sinclair Technologies)
  Sommer Antennas
  SPI-RO Manufacturing, Inc
  Star QSL Cards
  Svetlana Electron Devices

  Tandy / Radio Shack
  Tech America
  Telex (Hy-Gain)
  TXRX Duplexers



  W&W Associates Batteries            Top of List
  Wacom Duplexers - Sold by Remec to TXRX on 11/2/01
  Whiterook Products Company



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