Pictures of the SHARC-1 Repeater
KS3R / R
Revised 5/23/12


SHARC-1 REPEATER (KS3R) - 145.130 MHz - PL: 131.8 Hz - Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

Control Operators: Ken Pollock - WB3JOB, Richard Gideon - KC3RU, Jack Kelvington - K3DMY, Jim Mounts - KA3EBX

SHARC-1 Repeater w/ Cylon-1B Controller

Upper view: SHARC-1 Repeater
w/ Cylon-1B Controller

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Notice: The original SHARC-1 Repeater has been replaced with a new repeater purchased by the club. We are waiting for better weather conditions to install the new antenna on the tower for the repeater. The original antenna installed in 1986 has developed problems. In the interim, we are running the repeater on a ground level antenna and at a lower power to minimize RF densense back into the repeater's receiver. Pictures of the new SHARC-1 Repeater may be viewed here:


This is the machine that started it all! This the "first" and "original" club repeater of the South Hills Amateur Radio Club. The picture at left is our original repeater, which operates on the VHF Amateur Radio Band (2m), and is located approximately 15 miles South of Pittsburgh in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.

This repeater consists of an RCA 500 series base station receiver/transmitter and matching power supply. Each component is mounted into a standard 6' high, 19" wide, communications rack on wheels.

The duplexer is manufactured by Sinclair Radio Laboratories (model Q2330 Res-Lok), and consists of 3 high-pass & 3 low-pass tuned cavity filters.

The repeater's transmitter is capable of producing 110W of power into a 15' Hustler G7-144 7dB gain coaxial colinear antenna, located at the top of a 60' guyed tower.

The repeater controller (nicknamed "Cylon"), provides numerous features such as autopatch, courtesy tone, tail, timeout, and remote control capabilities and was designed and built by Jim - KA3EBX. It's located below the repeater's transmitter and receiver. A Commodore 64 computer (not shown) is used to provide DTMF decoding, member speed dialing, command output control, voice synthesizer and DTMF dialing.

The repeater is maintained and operated by Jim - KA3EBX, and serves the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Special thanks goes out to Ken Pollock - WB3JOB, who has provided a safe and comfortable home for the repeater for the past 19 years.

SHARC-1 Repeater w/ Sinclair 6 Cavity Duplexer

Lower view: SHARC-1 Repeater
w/ Cylon-1B Controller and duplexer

Sinclair Q2330 Res-Lok VHF Duplexer

Click here to view the duplexer plots of the SHARC-1 Repeater.


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