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This document is a PDF copy of the original 1995 document showing that Founding SHARC President, KA3EBX applied for and received a Federal Employee Indentification Number (EIN) from the U.S. Federal Government and is listed as the responsible party. The unincorporated entity, South Hills Amateur Radio Club and the incorporated entity are legally one in the same entity as they both have the same Federal Employment Identification Number. A former president and newsletter editor, (Ronald J. Notarius, WN3VAW) of the another South Hills club, Wireless Association of South Hills - aka WASH, alleges that his club is the original "South Hills Amateur Radio Club". This is simply untrue and is also a false statement. His club is registered under another Federal EIN issued much later than 1995. Mr. Notarius joined our club, South Hills Amateur Radio Club, in 1995; two years after the club was formed. We have Mr. Notarius' original application on file and we plan to publish his application on this site to subtantiate our position that he could not have had any first-hand knowledge of our club's origins. This document speaks for itself.

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