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This document is a PDF copy of the original 1993 South Hills Amateur Radio Club Bylaws. These bylaws were created by the original club founders and were accepted by the General Membership on September 28th, 1993, preceded by an invocation speech by founding South Hills ARC Club Secretary, Steve Hunter, N3MAA. Steve is now a Co-Director of South Hills ARC,Inc.

Notice that in Article I, Section 1.1, it states: "The official mailing address of the club shall be the address of the KA3EBX repeater".

More importantly, refer to the last clause at the end of the bylaws: The above Constitution and Bylaws of the South Hills Amateur Radio Club were created through the inspiration of the Bylaws of like organizations and suggestions of the SHARC founding members. The Constitution and Bylaws and Core Guidelines shall not be reduced, or deleted in part or whole by the general membership until dissolution is enacted.

Several new members decided to hold a closed meeting to change & delete certain parts of the bylaws to their liking. These attempted actions violated the last clause of the bylaws. These members did not allow the general membership or any of the club's founders to attend the closed meeting. Instead of allowing the General Membership & original founders to participate in any proposed changes, these members tried to subversively change the club's bylaws.

Who were these members? They are now the founders of the Wireless Association of South Hills (WASH).

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