RCA 500 Series 2-Way Radio  
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RCA 500 Series VHF / UHF Accessories

The following accessories are available for the RCA 500 Series:
Descriptions & specifications to be posted shortly

  • Quiet Channel (PL) Encoder Module
  • Quiet Channel (PL) Decoder Module
  • Tone Operated Switch (TOS) Module
  • Carrier Operated Switch (COS) Module
  • Transmit Time Limiter Module
  • Dual Channel Monitor Module
  • Noise Clipper Module
  • RF Pre-amplifier
  •   Download RCA 500 Series Microphone Wiring Diagram - PDF Format (457K - 2 Pages)
      Download RCA 500 Series Microphone Hang-up Wiring Diagram - PDF Format (Coming Soon)

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