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SHARC Founding Vice-President
Ron Lentz - N3WX
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Ron Lentz - N3WX
1960 - 2002

South Hills Amateur Radio Club deeply regrets reporting the passing of one of it's directors, members and co-founders, Ron Lentz - N3WX. Ron passed away on June 13th, 2002 and will be sadly missed by all.

Ron was very active in Amateur Radio. In addition to being an Extra Class operator, Ron was also an ARRL Volunteer Examiner and ARRL Official Observer. Ron formerly held the call signs, N3NCA, KE3KY and AA3JF.

Ron was a Director, co-founding Vice-President and active member of South Hills ARC, which legally formed in 1993. Ron was the founder of SHARC's annual 2-Meter Groundwave Contest and was trustee of SHARC's first club call sign, KB3BRF. Ron was also VE Liaison for the club's VE test sessions held at the John McMillan Presbyterian Church in Bethel Park and then later moved to Carlynton High School.

One of Ron's favorite Amateur Radio pastimes was simply chatting with friends on the local Pittsburgh repeaters. In 1999, he teamed up with several club members and launched a new 6-Meter Repeater on the air. The article about the 6-Meter project can be found here: [Ron's 6-Meter Project]

Ron also enjoyed participating in Field Day. In June of 1999, Ron made the Pittsburgh headlines by representing South Hills ARC at Field Day.

Ron's impressive article can viewed here: [ Ron Lentz - N3WX, Makes the Headlines: Post Gazette 6/27/99 ]

Ron was a Registered Nurse and often gave friendly medical advice and answered medical questions often asked by fellow hams on the airwaves.

Ron was a very skilled cook and often invited friends and family over for dinner. He loved to travel and talk on repeaters as he passed from town to town.

Ron was a devoted and loving father to his two sons, Reid and Jimmy and to his daughter, Lauren.

In Ron's memory, his callsign, N3WX was graciously granted to Ron's club, the South Hills Amateur Radio Club, by his family and is the identifier on the club's 6-meter repeater that he funded. [ See Grant ]

Additional pictures of Ron can be seen here: [ Pictures of Ron ]

An obituary for Ron is posted on the Mt. Lebanon High School Class of 1979 website and can be viewed here: [ Mt. Lebanon H.S. 79 ]

If you would like to make a tribute to Ron, please click the following link: [ Make a Tribute to Ron ]

If you would like to view past tributes to Ron, please click the following link: [ View Past Tributes to Ron ]

NOTE: There has been several inaccurate and unauthorized obituaries posted by Ronald J. Notarius, W3WN / WN3VAW of Castle Shannon, PA, representing the organization under the name of the Wireless Association of South Hills. Ron Lentz, N3WX, has never been a member of the WASH Club. Mr. Notarius' postings were inaccurate and not authorized by the Lentz family. It should also be noted that over a period of several years, Mr. Notarius, has written, as editor, several unfair and uncomplimentary articles in the WASH club newsletter about Ron Lentz, N3WX. We at South Hills Amateur Radio Club, who personally knew and worked with Ron, N3WX, recognize his outstanding dedication and contributions that he made as founding Vice-President and Co-Director of the South Hills Amateur Radio club.

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