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SHARC Founding Vice-President
Ron Lentz - N3WX
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WASH ARC Obituary Correction
Unauthorized Obituary of N3WX by the Wireless Association of South Hills

Ronald J. Notarius, WN3VAW, now W3WN, former president and newsletter editor of the Wireless Association of South Hill's ''WASHRAG'', published a false & unauthorized obituary about our co-founder, Ron Lentz, N3WX.

Mr. Notarius' obituary was published in their club's newsletter, and circulated to numerous Ham Radio clubs and over the Internet. The following is what Mr. Notarius wrote:

"Ron Lentz N3WX, a former member of the Western Pennsylvania Hilltoppers W3PAH, a founder and former member of the original South Hills ARC N3SH (now known as the Wireless Association of South Hills, Inc. N3SH/WA3SH), and a founder and officer of the South Hills ARC Inc. KS3R passed away in the hospital on Thursday, June 13th. He had been hospitalized with a sudden illness for less than a week. Few other details have been released at this time. Contributed by: Ron Notarius (WN3VAW)"

South Hills Amateur Radio Club, immediately issued the following correction:

"Correction: Ron Lentz - N3WX was a member and co-founder of South Hills Amateur Radio Club which was legally founded in 1993 and not the Wireless Association of South Hills (WASH). Ron was the original holder of SHARC's first club call sign - KB3BRF. Further information, including a tribute page to Ron, can be found at the following address: 73, KS3R, South Hills ARC - cc: Lentz Family. Contributed by: South Hills Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (KS3R)"

The obituary on can be viewed by clicking: [ Original Obituary ]

A duplicate of Notarius' obituary was also submitted and posted [ HERE ] until we requested to have it corrected.

It should also be noted that over the course of 6 years, Mr. Notarius has written many uncomplimentary articles about Ron - N3WX in his club's newsletter, the "WASHRAG". Mr. Notarius was also caught posting harassing guestbook entries & email to South Hills ARC and forging their return address. These entries/email were discovered to be sent through his employer's server. Mr. Notarius' employer was informed of these offenses and they took appropriate action. For more information, click on the following link:

[ Club Newsletter Editor / Former Club President Gets Busted! ]

Mr. Notarius had joined South Hills Amateur Radio club in 1995, two years after the club was formed and has no first-hand knowledge of South Hills ARC's history and all matters pertaining N3WX.

We at South Hills Amateur Radio Club, who personally knew and worked with Ron - N3WX, would like to set the record straight.

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